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The humble postman and his pain: 3 poignant tales from Uttar Pradesh

Sun September 17 2017, 3:27 pm
  • Postmen have been Centre's sole representatives in faraway villages for decades. With more than 6,00,000 staff, India Post is the second largest employer in the country after Indian Railways. Most postal operations are now dedicated to villages, where postmen and the Grameen Dak Sevaks share most of the burden. They have kept people and communities connected with rest of the country as well as to foreign lands too. We follow here 3 postmen who attended an event held at Mirzapur by Post Master General M U Abdali, after a gap of over 20 years. (Express Photo by Ritesh Shukla)

  • Post Master General M U Abdali indicated this connection to a gathering of postmen while highlighting the importance of their jobs on Saturday. He said, "It is not necessary to go to the border to serve the nation, but doing the work properly is also the way to serve the nation," Indian Express reported. here are the tales of triumphs and travails of 3 postmen. (The Anpara sub-post-office Express Photo by Ritesh Shukla)

  • A letter which travels miles has the last leg of its journey in the postman's bag, which he delivers to the addressee. This chain came undone in one particular instance when a Mumbai postman was found to have stopped delivering mail for two years as he was not able to cope with the work pressure. Postman S T Ballal had been delivering letters for more than 27 years. The undelivered mail by him increased to nearly 14,000. While that caused him to get suspended, it is notable that the load on him increased exponentially.(Express Photo by Ritesh Shukla)

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    Postman Satya Narayan had never heard of Bengali poet Sukanta Bhattacharya’s Runner. In the poem, the poet talked about a runner covering miles of village paths carrying letters of joy, memories, and sorrow. The poet says about postmen, “No one will ever read out a letter of his sorrow/Only the grass dotting his path is privy to his sadness.” Satya Narayan delivers mail to 19 villages, covering an area of 35 square kilometres through cold, rain and shine. (Satya Narayan crosses Bijul on a boat to distribute a letter across the stream.Express Photo by Ritesh Shukla)

  • In Kandhaura village, another postman, Dayaram’s four-room house also works as branch post-office. Just like him, most branch postmasters work from their homes, the paper added. Dayaram, the branch postmaster of Kandhaura, at his office. ( Express Photo by Ritesh Shukla)

  • The trip to Mirzapur and return took him and Satya Narayan almost three days, and Rs 100 each. Both of them travelled part of the journey back ticketless on a train. “We can spend only so much,” Narayan told Indian Express. (The branch post-office in Kandhaura functions out of postmaster Dayaram’s house, an arrangement which is very common in villages. Express Photo by Ritesh Shukla)

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