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Railways food rate card: Days of getting overcharged by staff ends, check out full price list and what you pay for

Tue September 12 2017, 11:47 am
  • Railways food rate card: Railway Minister Piyush Goyal has ordered the catering staff to stop asking for tips from rail passengers and overcharging for food. Indian Railways has been trying to tackle the problem of overcharging by the catering staff for long now but it is for the first time that a strict order has been issued for the same. On one hand, as can be seen, there are stickers on trains that sensitize passengers not to tip, and yet the catering staff appears at the end of the journey and asks for the same from passengers. As far as prices are concerned, here is how passengers can stand their ground and not pay a single rupee extra for food that you eat. Here is the full list of prices on Railways food rate card: (Source: IE)

  • 1) Railways food rate card: Janata meal or Economy meal at Rs 15 and Rs 20 at stations and on trains respectively. (Youtube)

  • 2) Railways food rate card: Beverages which include coffee, tea, and drinking water at both stations and trains are priced at Rs 7, Rs 15 and Rs 15 respectively. (Youtube)

  • 3) Railways food rate card: Passengers who are vegetarian can order a full-course meal priced at Rs 45 on stations and Rs 50 on trains. (Youtube)

  • 4) Railways food rate card: Also, while, standard tea is priced at Rs 5 at both the train and station, tea (with tea bags) and tea in pots are rated at Rs 7 and Rs 15 at both stations and trains respectively.(Youtube)

  • 6) Railways food rate card: Coming to breakfast section, bread, butter and cutlet is for Rs 25 at stations and Rs 30 on trains. Meanwhile, Idli and Vada is priced at Rs 25 and Rs 30 at stations and on trains respectively. (Youtube)

  • 7) Railways food rate card: Passengers can also have Upma and Vada which are priced at Rs 25 and Rs 30 at stations and on trains respectively. Also, Pongal and Vada have the same price. (Youtube)

  • 8) Railways food rate card: Non vegetarian breakfast like Bread, Butter and Omelet has a price tag of Rs 30 and Rs 35 at stations and on trains respectively.(Youtube)

  • 9) Railways food rate card: For a non veg thali meal which are only available at stations the price is Rs 40.(Youtube)

  • 10) Railways food rate card: For veg thali which are only available at stations, it is priced at Rs 35.(Youtube)

  1. R
    Raghavendra G
    Sep 11, 2017 at 7:03 pm
    Can't see the on-train prices as your scroll arrow blocks it!
    1. P
      People of India
      Sep 11, 2017 at 6:45 pm
      A very very welcome step, Mr Piyush Goyal! While paying a tip is one's own will, overcharging, of course, was a menace. Please also bring down the advance booking period from 4 months to 2 months. It's often difficult to plan a trip four months in advance. A good number of people booking four months in advance cancel the trip last minute and the real needy, who try to book a month or 15 days in advance, often do not get a confirmed booking.
      1. V
        Sep 12, 2017 at 2:48 pm
        Foreigners are allowed one year advance booking while Indians are allowed 4 months booking. And I always thought India was free country

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