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Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor: Here are full highlights of carnage in Las Vegas; Watch breathtaking photos

Sun August 27 2017, 1:20 pm
  • It had all the essence of a big ticket prize bout in the midst of a glittering Las Vegas. The arena was filled with raucous fans and a small fleet of celebrities at the ringside in well-cut suits and couture dresses. But this was all illusion, one that evaporated before the eyes of the countless people who believed that the UFC champ, but boxing rookie Conor McGregor had any chance in a scheduled 12-round junior welterweight fight against Floyd Mayweather who is the undefeated five-division champion and finest boxer of his era. The no-mercy-shown boxing champion needed a mere three rounds to size-up the UFC champion before spending the next seven walking him around and tearing him apart slowly, but steadily and ending the show with a 10th round technical knockout before a crowd of 14,623 at the spectacular T-Mobile Arena. Here are full highlights of the match that was pegged as The Fight Of The Millennium, they will take your breath away: (USA TODAY Sports)

  • Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor: Conor had said that he would attack and he was true to his word. He got in a few body blows but Mayweather absorbed them. He’s known for figuring his opponents out early and letting them attack. Floyd then went for a bigg-ish straight that Conor dodged and the Irishman then stood with his arms behind his back. Excellent showboating. McGregor did not look out of his depth. The first round went to the Irishman - he was more aggressive. He landed one good uppercut counter. The score was Mayweather 9-10 McGregor. (USA TODAY Sports)

  • Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor: As Conor claimed that he would KO his opponent early. He tried for the same in the second round. He started the round with a lot of excitement and aimed some punches at the back of Mayweather's head. The referee gave a warning for the illegal punch. Mayweather then landed a big right hand straight on the Irishman's body. But Conor who is known for his adaptive nature switched his stance and landed a flurry of blows.looked can I say comfortable? His punches are a little crude but they are landing. Floyd has thrown very few punches so far. He looked comfortable with his punches being a little crude but they landed well to do the damage. Meanwhile, Floyd could throw very few punches. Score after round two was Mayweather 18-20 McGregor. (USA TODAY Sports)

  • Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor: McGregor threw another hammer punch at the back of Mayweather's head and received his second warning - fine in MMA not in boxing. Conor looked a lot bigger than his opponent which proved as an advantage to him. As far as Floyd was concerned the short stature meant he had to use more energy which had started tiring him out. Both the champions exchanged blows with Conor being the dominant one. The third round was a little better for Floyd but Mayweather in a shocker pulled out the first three rounds in his favour. Score: Mayweather 27-30 McGregor. (USA TODAY Sports)

  • Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor: The story continued with Conor landing body shots on Floyd. Conor landed a big left but Mayweather countered. Floyd started the fightback. Conor’s punches looked more tired - they’re almost pushed. Conor still was in lead overall. Score: Mayweather 37-39 McGregor. (USA TODAY Sports)

  • Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor: The 40-year-old Floyd started first from his corner and looked fresh. Notably, Conor who was in his first fight was giving a tough time to the veteran welterweight champion. The Irishman came from everywhere-from odd angles and used his weight advantage in clinches. But with 30 seconds left of the round, Mayweather landed a good left on McGregor. Score: Mayweather 47-48 McGregor. (USA TODAY Sports)

  • Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor: Conor has not stood by his word so far as he failed to knock out his opponent but his performance was more impressive than a victory through a wild punch. Remember that MMA fights don’t last as long as 12-round boxing contests so endurance could tell. Then again, Floyd is 40. Conor turned to Floyd again - a lot of shoving from the Irishman and he looked tired. Floyd caught him with a few more - and Conor’s punches looked a little slow and sluggish. Score: Mayweather 67-66 McGregor (USA TODAY Sports)

  • Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor: A lovely sidestep from Conor to avoid Mayweather’s blow - he looked light on his feet still but it’s his arms that appear tired: he just could not hurt Floyd later in the eighth round. That said, the Irishman was at the receiving end with a few blows in before Floyd counters. He ended the round with an uppercut before Conor follows a right to the body with a head shot.Score: Mayweather 77-75 McGregor (USA TODAY Sports)

  • (USA TODAY Sports)

  • Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor: This is where it all end. The match ended up in a technical knockout (TKO) by Floyd Mayweather to Conor McGregor. In the post match conference when Mayweather said “this is my last fight tonight ladies and gentlemen and I chose the right partner to dance with.” Talking about the match with McGregor, Mayweather said,”He’s a lot better than I thought he was, he used different angles. But I was the better man. It was our gameplan to take our time and take him out down the stretch.” McGregor appreciated his opponent and congratualted him,”Great job, baby. Great job.” I thought it was close. I get a little floppy when I get tired. [Floyd] was a lot more composed. You’ve got to give it to him. I don’t know if I will box again.” McGregor also said,”No one’s taking these types of risks. I’ll take it on the chin.” (Twitter)

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