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What is Tiranga Yatra? Know about PM Narendra Modi’s initiative for New India

Sun August 20 2017, 8:10 pm
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    The meeting is being attended by all the 13 chief ministers and six deputy chief ministers of the party. (PTI)

  • 1) The Prime Minister took to Twitter and expressed his satisfaction on the Tiranga Yatra and thanked those who joined the Yatra. He then talked about how this yatra will help people integrate and work for a New India by 2022. He said,"These Tiranga Yatras have generated a groundswell of support & are integrating people towards working for a New India by 2022." (Twitter)

  • 2) Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh shared pictures of his Tiranga Yatra in Jammu and Kashmir on the microbloggging site. He can be seen carrying the flag with the youths. (Twitter)

  • 3) Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh took to Twitter and said,"Youth in large numbers joined to pledge to liberate India including, Jammu and Kashmir from terrorism, communalism & corruption."

  • 4) MP Ramdas Tadas also gave a glimpse of his Yatra from Wardha to Benod district. (Twitter)

  • 5) Tadas took to Twitter and said,"Glimpses from the Tiranga Yatra from Warud to Benoda (Shahid) in District Amaravati of Wardha Loksabha Constituency. (Twitter)

  • 6) Union Minister P P Chaudhary also took a step forward to share his experience of the Tiranga Yatra. He could be seen sitting behind the motorcycle with a red safa. (Twitter)

  • 7) Chaudhary also took to micro-blogging site and said that the Tiranga Yatra is being held in Osian, an ancient town in Jodhpur. He further invited everyone to take part in PM Modi's dream of creating a New India. (Twitter)

  1. R
    Aug 22, 2017 at 9:08 am
    Why always hide behind our beloved Tiranga and respected army, Do something constructive without coining any words......Do something a bit to control the cost of eatables.
    1. S
      Aug 22, 2017 at 10:11 am
      Why don't you start farming... In last 1-2 decade people have started avoiding agriculture as it is labour intensive and the return is very less and sometimes they have to bear a heavy loss due to natural atmospheric reasons.. This may be the main reason for rise in price of eatables and also another reason is middle people involved in purchasing the grains/vegetables from farmer. They pay very less price to them and sell at a much higher price. Even we used to negotiate price at Rekdiwala or small people but pay full price at bigger shop/mall.

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