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BlackBerry Leap priced at Rs 21,490; here are top 8 features

Wed May 13 2015, 8:04 am
  • BlackBerry Leap has been launched in India for Rs 21, 490. Announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this March, the phone will replace the BlackBerry Z3 and is the new mid-segment smartphone from BlackBerry. Here are the top 8 features:

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  • 1. Security, Privacy: BlackBerry Leap has support for encryption, built-in malware protection and back-up, wipe and restore.

  • 2. BlackBerry Keyboard This is a touchscreen smartphone but BlackBerry says their keyboard lets users type faster and more accurately as it learns how a user writes. It also has multi-language support.

  • 3. Battery: Unlike most smartphones, Blackberry promises up to 25 hours of heavy use and ensures that the BlackBerry Leap will power through even your most demanding day.

  • 4. Blackberry Hub: Check all your texts, BBM updates, emails and social media updates in one easy-to-manage view.

  • 5. Voice and text assistance: Manage emails, contacts, calendar and other features through voice and text commands.

  • 6. Blackberry 10 browser: Experience fast and powerful web browsing with BlackBerry 10 browser.

  • 7. BBM: Now, chat as well as have face-to-face conversations with BBM Video2.

  • 8. BlackBerry Blend: This is BlackBerry’s answer to Apple’s Continuity features as it will allow users to bring messages and content on the BlackBerry smartphone to their computer, tablet.

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