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Akshay Kumar starrer Gabbar Is Back box office collections: At Rs 39.41 crore settles in 6th place, tops Tees Maar Khan

Thu May 14 2015, 2:40 pm
  • Akshay Kumar movies, box office collection

    Much was expected by all, the laymen on the street and the analyst in front of his computer from Akshay Kumar's Gabbar is Back in terms of box office collections. A look at Akshay Kumar's other box office collections successes however, shows the movie did good on one day and worse the next managing Rs 39.41 cr during opening weekend. In short, it failed to even climb into the top 5 in Akshay Kumar's list of opening weekend grossers, ending up in the 6th place - beating his earlier release Tees Maar Khan (Rs 38.25 crore). (Bollywood Hungama)

  • Akshay Kumar movies, box office collection

    Rowdy Rathore box office collections Rs 48.30 crore

    You take 'Rowdy' and look for a word that sounds good with it. What about 'Rathore'? All right. You take the masala films made in the 70s and 80s. Borrow liberally. Patch together a plot, or whatever passes for it. Rope in a star looking for a solo hit. And you get, all together now, 'Rowdy Rathore'. (Bollywood Hungama)

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  • Akshay Kumar movies, box office collection

    Housefull 2 box office collections Rs 42.50 crore

    Several times in 'Housefull 2', random characters laugh at their own jokes and sing out: sense of huuuuumour. It pretty much says everything about the film, a sequel to the film of the same name which came out two years ago. You have to be able to find the doings of this vast cast amusing. And if you don’t, you have to be able to summon your funny bone to keep sitting, while pondering the cosmic corniness of the world according to Sajid Khan and other such weighty matters. (Bollywood Hungama)

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  • Akshay Kumar movies, box office collection

    Holiday box office collections Rs 41.32 crore

    Holiday - A Soldier is Never Off Duty, the official remake of the monster Tamil hit ‘Thuppaki’, gives Akshay Kumar a chance to return to full combat mode. He plays a patriotic soldier willing to stretch a few rules in the line of duty, whether it is wielding sharp shears on a suspect’s finger, or shooting bad guys point blank. Till he’s going bang bang, he’s all right; the moment he gets romancing and joshing, he slides. So does the film. (Bollywood Hungama)

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  • Akshay Kumar movies, box office collection

    Boss box office collections Rs 40.75 cr

    Within a few minutes of the opening, I knew this is one of those flicks you can watch with your ears. Dhadaak, khachhaak, crrruunch, thapppadd, dhachhaak. And krrrrich, bhadaang, dhadaam. And when Boss aka Akshay Kumar decides to take a break from pulverizing bones and flashing cleavers and blowing up cars, it becomes dhinchak, dhinchak, dhinchaaak! (Bollywood Hungama)

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  • Once upon ay time in Mumbai dubara

    Once Upon Ay Time in Mumbai Dobaara box office collections Rs 40.00 crore

    What did you expect from the sequel of Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai which came out in 2010? Given that its director and writer are the same, I knew that the clunkily-titled-and-spelt Once Upon Ay Time in Mumbai Dobaara! would tread the same territory: gangsters- muscle-flexing-in-Mumbai-which-used-to-be-Bombay, non-stop rat-a-tat of '70s style dialogue-baazi, loud background music, and a plot riddled with predictabilities from beginning to end. (Bollywood Hungama)

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  • Akshay Kumar movies, box office collection

    Gabbar Is Back – Rs 39.41 crore

    The saga of a crusading hero who takes on the might of a corrupt system should have been a rousing movie experience. However, Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Gabbar is Back’ isn’t. Southern director Krish’s Hindi-language debut is a strangely inert, if not entirely inept, action film that fails to rise above the pedestrian. The film’s lead actor Akshay Kumar brings his customary enthusiasm to the table in playing a not-so-docile college professor who turns into a ruthless corruption-buster. (Bollywood Hungama)

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