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Legendary investor Warren Buffett awed by Indian hospitality; says will visit again if a business is on sale

Mon May 08 2017, 5:33 pm
  • Legendary investor Warren Buffett has said that currently the potential for India is incredible and he will invest in good businesses in the country. (Reuters)

  • Warren Buffett, referred to as the “Oracle of Omaha”, has admitted that he made a mistake by not buying Google shares years ago when the technology company was earning $10 to $11 per advertising click from Geico, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway’s consumer insurance company. (Reuters)

  • This is Ajit Jain, who is creating more money for shareholders than Warren Buffett. “Nobody would possibly replace Ajit Jain if he were to leave or retire. But we have a terrific team. There are things which only he can do. A lot of things are institutionalised in business. Ajit Jain made more money for Berkshire than I have probably,” said Buffett to an interview in ET now. (Reuters)

  • India is huge & enormous for anyone to ignore. Would love to hire people & buy a business in India. Bill Gates once told me he would just hire people from IIT, Buffett said to an Interview in ET now. (Reuters)

  • Really amazed with the hospitality of India last time I visited. Will travel to India if there is a 'wonderful' company for sale. Future generations in India will live better than the current & at a fast pace, said Buffett to ET now. (Reuters)

  • According to Bloomberg, Apple's total revenue have risen by 4.6% over the last 3 months ended 1 April as compared to a year earlier. (Reuters)

  • Legendary investor Warren Buffett has warned about the dangers of booming developing markets, which he said can be like ‘casinos’. (Reuters)

  • On the world economy, he said during the ETNow interview that he has no doubt about the future and the world and US will prosper more if rest of the world prospers.

  • The Berkshire chief executive said that the company is considering taking additional losses this year to take advantage of higher tax rates. Losses realised this year can be used to offset taxes on gains in the future. (Reuters)

  • Mr Buffett’s concern is that the volatility of Berkshire’s stakes in Apple, Wells Fargo, American Express, Coca-Cola and others will obscure more important information about the performance of Berkshire’s operating businesses. (Reuters)

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