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Antyodaya Express: Check out Indian Railways’ new superfast comfortable train for unreserved passengers

Thu January 05 2017, 4:32 pm
  • Antyodaya Express is Suresh Prabhu-led Indian Railways' 'New Year 2017' gift to the common man. The new train, which was announced in Railway Budget 2016, is all set to roll out in the coming months. Aimed at making long distance travel more comfortable for the unreserved passengers, the Antyodaya Express has many new features that are sure to make passengers happy. We take an exclusive look at what is new in the Antyodaya Express, what features and comforts it offers:

  • After being impressed by the vinyl-coated colourful coaches of the Humsafar Express, the Railway Board instructed the Integral Coach Factory in Chennai to put patches of vinyl coating on the exterior of Antyodaya Express.

  • A lot of features in the Antyodaya Express are similar to the new Deen Dayalu coaches for the unreserved passengers. The only difference is that Antyodaya Express will be a full train, that is its coaches will be connected (vestibule).

  • According to ICF and Indian Railways, the seats of the Antyodaya Express are more comfortable in comparison to those of a general sleeper class. The interior panelling of the coaches has been done with aluminium composite panels, similar to Deen Dayalu.

  • The train has cushioned luggage racks with coat hooks. The coaches have LED lights and Railways will provide more mobile and laptop charging points.

  • Each coach has water purifiers (aqua-guard), fire extinguishers with anti-theft arrangement and enhanced capacity dustbins.

  • The toilets in Antyodaya Express are modular in nature, very similar to that in an AC-1st class Rajdhani coach.

  • The bio-toilets in the train are in line with Indian Railways' vision to keep tracks defecation free. The train will also have toilet occupation indication display boards.

  • The Antyodaya Express, with LHB-type (Linke Hofmann Busch) coaches, has been given the colour scheme of red and yellow, with a design around the windows of the coaches.

  • The Antyodaya Express has been envisioned as an unreserved, superfast service, that will ply on high density routes. According to Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu, "Antyodaya Express will be a long-distance, fully unreserved, superfast train service, for the common man to be operated on dense routes."

    According to the new time-table issued by the Indian Railways, Antyodaya Express will initially start plying on the following routes; Bilaspur-Ferozepur (weekly), Bandra T-Gorakhpur (weekly), Darbhanga to Jalandhar.

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