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Sheena Bora case tapes: Indrani, Peter Mukerjea hid foul murder, shows Rahul expose

Fri August 26 2016, 6:59 pm
  • Sheena Bora case tapes: Just when the sensational Sheena Bora murder case was fading into the background of public and media memory, a spectacular expose by Rahul Mukerjea, son of media mogul Peter and his wife Indrani are back on the front pages of all newspapers and on TV screens. The reason behind this are some 20 tapes that contained the phone recordings made by Rahul, which purportedly show that both Peter and Indrani colluded in hiding the murder of Indrani's daughter. Rahul is in conversation with Peter and Indrani in the phone clips over a 2-week period in the aftermath of the murder. Sheena Bora's skeleton was subsequently found in a forest (PTI)

  • Sheena Bora case tapes: However, months of investigations by the investigative agencies have not thrown up a sound motive for the murder of Sheena Bora who was Rahul's girlfriend - the relationship was objected to by Indrani, at least. A suspicious Rahul, who had been told by Indrani that Sheena had gone to the US with some mysterious person, recorded his conversation with them, and according to the leaked conversations, a cover-up is hinted at as the timeline is against the couple (PTI)

  • Sheena Bora case tapes: Rahul Mukerjea persistently called his father peter a number of times and kept recording all the conversations as he sought to find out about Sheena's whereabouts. The tapes were handed to the CBI, but the investigative agency has used only 7 of them to bolster its case, tagging the rest as irrelevant. CBI on its part has said that all the tapes are in the knowledge of the court (PTI)

  • Sheena Bora case tapes: In one of the conversations Rahul Mukerjea asked Peter about Sheena's whereabouts, but Peter said that she had gone somewhere. Rahul is heard telling Peter, “I got a message from her that morning and then 45 minutes after that. The messages were all very different… There’s something that happened within that 45-minute time span.” (PTI)

  • Sheena Bora case tapes: However, Peter suggested Rahul should carry on with his own life. When Rahul expressed his own, friends and colleagues apprehensions at not being able to communicate with Sheena, Peter said she may have gone off Internet deliberately. (PTI)

  • Sheena Bora case tapes: According to the allegations Indrani Mukerjea, her former husband Khanna and driver Shyamwar Rai murdered Sheena Bora, in a car in April 2012. They were arrested in August, 2015, and Peter was held in November. (PTI)

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