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Ghayal Once Again: 10 points to know about the Sunny Deol-Soha Ali Khan starrer

Fri February 05 2016, 2:45 pm
  • 2. Sunny Deol's Ghayal Once Again box office collections prediction: The film is now set to clash with a slew of films at the box office such as Sanam Teri Kasam, BHK Bhalla@Halla.Kom, LoveShhudaa and Direct Ishq. The previous week's releases Mastizaade and Saala Khadoos will not pose a threat while Akshay Kumar's successful Airlift would have eased itself out on a high as a Rs 100 cr film. Reliance Entertainment to release 'Ghayal Once Again': Actor-filmmaker Sunny Deol has joined hands with Anil Ambani-led Reliance Entertainment for the release of his forthcoming film "Ghayal Once Again". The film, which will hit the screens on February 5, will be distributed internationally by Bollywood distributor B4U Films.

  • 3. Original 'Ghayal Once Again' release date was cancelled: The release date of Sunny Deol starrer Ghayal Once Again was pushed from January 15, 2016 to February 5. Sunny has asserted that dissatisfaction with the special effects was the reason behind pushing the film's release date. "I was not completely happy with everything I'm doing right now especially my special effects. So I could not see myself investing two years in the film and then releasing it hurriedly without having the special effects in place. So for me, that was the main reason." said Sunny. "But now I'm happy that I can take a sigh of relief and that I wasn't putting up the film in extreme hurry," he further added. However, another statement had said that the date change is because Reliance Entertainment and Sunny's team require an extensive period to promote and distribute Ghayal Once Again efficiently. (Bollywood Hungama)

  • 4. Ghayal Once Again action sequences done very well, says Sunny Deol: Hollywood stunt coordinator Dan Bradley has done a great job in Ghayal Once Again, according to actor-director Sunny Deol. "In my earlier films, my action used to always be good, the screenplay also used to be believable. I needed to bring in Dan Bradley because he's famous for the films that he has made, The Bourne Ultimatum and many others which all have seen, and he has really done a great job. We gelled very well," Sunny Deol said. Bradley has worked in films such as the Spiderman series, 'Superman Returns, Quantum of Solace and Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol among others. About the action in Ghayal Once Again involving blasts, train sequences and guns, Sunny Deol said: "I do these things because for me it is a thrill. The back troubles you a lot sometimes, which creates difficulties and that is something that happens randomly, but a man keeps moving ahead if it is something that he loves and is fond of." (Bollywood Hungama)

  • 5. Ghayal Once Again relevant to youth, says Sunny Deol: The actor says 'Ghayal Once Again' is based on youth and that he worked hard to depict something that is relevant to them. "The whole film is based on youth. Definitely it's them who watch the maximum number of films. It's best to have something which is very relevant to them, something with which they can identify themselves with," said Sunny. He notes its only when the kids become youth do they realize that some of the teachings given to them over the years is right and some are wrong. "It's then that they realize that living in such a way would be difficult. So they start doing alterations because of which our society goes on changing - we start evolving and adapting to the desires of the youth - whose presence is growing every year." (Bollywood Hungama)

  • 6. No 'favourites' in 'Ghayal Once Again' for Sunny Deol: Sunny can't choose a favourite from the four youngsters in the film. "As such there is no favourite, the whole film is my subject which I'm presenting based on the society. Not one, all the characters are relevant in today's society, you'll be able to see yourself in it and identify with any of the characters." While Sunny's character was a youngster in the first part, he is in his late 40s this time, but the aggression remains constant. (Bollywood Hungama)

  • 7. 'Ghayal Once Again' mirrors the original 'Ghayal': Directed by Sunny, the film will continue from where the first version left off. "I have made this film just like I had made the first 'Ghayal'. Even in that, I reflected the society in 1990, and in this I'm reflecting the society of 2016. Being a creative person, I was fully engrossed in adding creativity and experience to it. I wasn't aware about the liking of the audience that time, but I did my own liking, and that's what I did this time as well - hoping that the result is good just like last time," Sunny Deol said. (Bollywood Hungama)

  • 8. Ghayal Once Again, Sunny Deol says fumes over actors becoming commodities: After giving a string of hits like Ghayal, Ghatak and Darr in the 1990s, actor-filmmaker Sunny Deol says it really bothers him that people who were actors earlier, have now become 'commodities' in the Hindi film fraternity. "The industry and country have changed so fast. But my belief and thoughts didn't change along. I always thought that acting was basically an art where you are performing. You're picking up subjects and cinema was basically a reflection of the society," Sunny Deol said. "But somehow, as time passed by, things changed. It really bothers me that we people who were actors earlier have now become commodities," he added.

  • 9. Ahead of Ghayal Once Again release, Sunny Deol says 'action in Bollywood a little larger than life': Talking about the action-packed scenes in his forthcoming film Ghayal Once Again, Sunny told reporters: "The amount of action my film has... it is part of the screenplay. I tried my level best to not to go away from that. Our (Bollywood) action is a little larger than life, but it has to be more on the real side." The 58-year-old actor emphasised that he wanted the action "to be as real as possible". The Darr actor will be seen doing exceptional stunts for the forthcoming film. (Bollywood Hungama)

  • 10. Ghayal theme retained in Ghayal Once Again, said Vipin Mishra: Music composer Vipin Mishra, who has composed the background music of Ghayal Once Again said that themes from the first film have been carried forward in the sequel. "He (Sunny Deol) was keen and I agreed with him, that we should have some of the themes which were there in the original 'Ghayal' which should be carried forward. "I saw the film and there were two very clear cut themes which stood out, so we have those set of themes retained. It's obviously changed in terms of the arrangements, orchestrations, tempo and key," Mishra said. (Bollywood Hungama)

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