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Top Twitter trends in India 2015: 5 most influential moments from #ChennaiRains to #INDvsPAK

Tue December 08 2015, 1:22 pm
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    Top Twitter trends in India 2015: Twitter was abuzz with activity through the year as Indians took to the social networking site in style to check on happenings as well as contribute their special moments to the ongoing conversations. Twitter users were quick to take to the platform to see and discuss top news, politics, sports, political and cultural moments. While individual tweets soared to be among the most retweeted, there were several influential and memorable moments that resonated with Indians the most. (Image Source: Reuters)
    Here are the top 5 Twitter trends in 2015:

  • 1. Top Twitter trends in India 2015: #ChennaiRains (Users unite to help during the crisis, 1st-4th December) - Twitter was used as a platform to provide reports, disseminate critical information and coordinate local relief efforts during the record-breaking Chennai floods. Local citizens sent over 1.4 million Tweets using #ChennaiRains, #ChennaiFloods and #ChennaiRainsHelp hashtags to crowdsource assistance and help each other through this natural disaster. (Image Source: Twitter)

  • twitter trends 2015

    2. Top Twitter trends in India 2015: #DelhiElections (Delhi Legislative Assembly Elections on 10th February) - Twitter played a powerful role during the Delhi Legislative Assembly Elections held in February 2015 where hashtags #DelhiElections and #DelhiVotes became points of convergence of all elections conversations. Twitter provided the perfect window to this exciting political moment that saw Aam Aadmi Party (@AAP) winning the majority of votes. There were over 10.8 million elections-related Tweets during the 30-day campaign period. (Image Source: Twitter)

  • twitter trends 2015

    3. Top Twitter trends in India 2015: #HappyDiwali (India and the world celebrated Diwali on Twitter from 8th to 13th November) - Through multiple activations including the first-ever Diwali emoji, Twitter provided a way for users to be delighted using the platform. Along with the emoji, Twitter asked audiences to Tweet photos of their favourite Diwali moments using the hashtag #HappyDiwali, and then shared a collage of #HappyDiwali Tweets in the form of a lamp on (Image Source: Twitter)

  • twitter trends 2015

    4. Top Twitter trends in India 2015: Independence Day: (India’s 69th Independence Day, 15th August) - The 69th year of Independence for India was marked on Twitter with three key moments. India got its first Independence Day flag emoji with #India, The Taj Mahal joined Twitter as one of the first historic Indian monuments to join Twitter, and there was an inspirational #SaluteSelfie campaign that recorded over 100,000 Tweets to show gratitude for the Armed Forces. (Image Source: Twitter)

  • twitter trends 2015

    5. Top Twitter trends in India 2015: Cricket World Cup #INDvsPAK (First match of #CWC15 on 15th February) - India beating Pakistan in the first match of the Cricket World Cup in 2015 was the most viewed TV and sports event of the year and drew a record-breaking 118.3 million Impressions on Twitter, including the magical #OnlyOnTwitter moment when Sachin Tendulkar (@sachin_rt) Tweeted after the win (Image Source: Twitter)

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