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Retail inflation and RBI’s target, India corruption ranking and more

Wed December 03 2014, 4:10 pm
  • Retail inflation and RBI's projected target.

  • India has improved to 85th positing in world corrupt nation's ranking, from the last year's 95th position.

  • Infiltration bid at Kupwara in Jammu and Kashmir.

  • In highly volatile trade, the 30-share BSE index fell to touch the day’s low of 28,386.46 and closed at 28,444.01. The NSE 50-share Nifty, after swinging to and fro, settled with a loss of 31.20 points, or 0.36 per cent, at 8,524.70.

  • In highly volatile trade, the 30-share BSE index fell to touch the day’s low of 28,386.46 and closed at 28,444.01.

  • Posting this year’s biggest single-day rise of Rs 840, gold regained the Rs 27,000 per ten gram. Silver also recorded a significant gain of Rs 2,700 to Rs 37,000 per kg on increased offtake by industrial units and coin makers.

  • Rupee, which had breached 62-mark against dollar in previous sessions, strengthened to 61.88 levels with the gain of 14 paise.

  • Voting trend in 2nd phase of Jharkhand polls.

  • Voting trend in 2nd phase of Jammu and Kashmir polls.

  • Production of Zinc.

  1. S
    Dec 3, 2014 at 9:27 pm
    Transparancy International is misleading the world and the people of India. The European countries are the worst corrupt nation. Why? First they are the looters of the world. Even the Vatican is criminal. In the colonial time they have introduced their tax-system and hereafter their puppets used it to steal their own homeland. What has happened with the stolen/unaccounted money? The looters have stashed them in foreign European /international banks/countries, where these amounts are legalized by bringing it under privacy laws and agreements between the nations, while this is unlawful. Stolen money cannot be legalized, because laws have its origin in protecting non criminals activities. The looters of India and the foreign protectors of the stolen money are equal reliable to this criminality. Once more; the western countries are aware of this criminality, but are the biggest protectors of the looters. Why? They are loaded with hugh debts they never can pay back. This is the future danger for India brought to the people by the native looters. Mentioning the western countries are "clean" is putting the world upside down.

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