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Is Renault Kwid priced at Rs 2.57 lakh better than Maruti Suzuki Alto 800, Alto K10, Hyundai Eon? Explained in 10 pictures

Sun October 04 2015, 9:31 am
  • 1. Renault Kwid car's price has been revealed after launch - starting price of Rs 2.57 lakh - and it has caused even more shock than when it was first unveiled a couple of months ago! While at that time the French carmaker had said the Renault Kwid is likely to cost anything between Rs 3.50 lakh to Rs 5.00 lakh, everyone was of the view then that it was an amazingly competitive price point. Now, it has been revealed that the Renault Kwid is priced between Rs 2.57 lakh and Rs 3.53 crore for various variants, eye balls are indeed popping! What is going through the mind of rivals like Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Datsun, even Tata Motors (for Nano), can be well imagined. Renault Kwid has thrown down the gauntlet and it remains to be seen whether its competitors pick up on the challenge. Here are 12 easy to read comparison slides between the Renault Kwid and Maruti Suzuki Alto 800, Alto K10, Hyundai Eon and Datsun GO. Happy checking:

  • 2. Here is what is clear first off about the Renault Kwid: It’s considerably cheaper than its arch rival - Alto 800 and the rest of the A-segment crowd. It’s India's second most economically priced car at Rs. 2.57 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi) after Tata Motors' Nano. However, though Renault Kwid prices are competitive to the A-segment, the sheer size and features can shame a B-segment hatch and for that matter even the B+ segment cars. Renault has bombarded the entry level segment of the country today and we are pitching it against almost every car in the segment.

  • 3. The Renault Kwid might help Renault build strong foundations in the small car market, the same way Hyundai Santro helped the Korean automaker penetrate and find its root in the Indian automotive industry. Along with the impressive instruments that the French automaker is offering, what really makes Kwid promising is its incomparable price tag. With the base model starting at around Rs. 3.0 lacs the car will probably manage to outshine all of its competitors includiing Hyundai Eon, Datsun Go and Maruti Alto 800.

  • 4. Not only is it being offered at a competitive price point, the Renault Kwid has introduced many-segment firsts that are extremely also very competitive, especially considering the range of features offered by the zippy little French car.

  • 5. Renault Kwid was driven by our team in Goa and the car managed to impress with its looks, just as much as it did behind the wheel. The car we drove featured the moonlight silver color scheme and highlighted the curves and muscular lines of the vehicle very well. The 799cc, 54bhp engine packs a promising grunt, which is more than enough to tackle the city traffic and the long highway hauls.

  • 6. The Renault Kwid has come around this year’s festive season and the little French car's price is Rs 2.57 lakh to Rs 5 lakh. The outlay undoubtedly, is very competitive as Alto K10 is priced between Rs 3.2-4.0 lakh, Wagon R between Rs 3.5-4.5 lakh and Eon between Rs 3.1-4.3 lakh(prices approx), making Kwid’s preposition very valid and attractive.

  • 7. The Renault Kwid is a stunner in terms of looks. The small sized hatch segment lack in this field as Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 and Wagon R are not good lookers, yes they could be better than their previous generations but when compared to the Renault Kwid or Hyundai Eon they fall short of looks. Eon is a good looking car, but the crossover-like resemblance makes the Kwid a better and more stylish vehicle than the competition. And as we Indians have an affinity towards SUVs, this upcoming Renault’s offspring will work for many of us. The major design highlights include pronounced wheel arches, all-around body cladding, flickered bonnet, an incredibly placed nose flanked by blacked out headlamps, imposing fog lamp housing and a classy rear. All of that is seldom seen in the class it belongs to.

  • 8. As with looks, the Remnault Kwid impresses with its interiors too. The insides too are handsomely done, though there isn’t much that has been done on the inside still it will be a great deal at a price ranging from 3 to 4 lacs, as said by Renault India. There is a unique driver information cluster that makes it looks the part, the central console gets segment-first infotainment system, fair amount of cubby holes, all making it a better proposition. Considering the competition, Wagon R’s interiors have become quite dated while Alto’s could seem a bit claustrophobic to some, Hyundai Eon too gets stylish interiors but are dated as well.

  • 9. A good car needs a strong engine and that is what the Renault Kwid packs too. Renault Kwid is powered by an 800 cc three-cylinder petrol motor that generates 53.3bhp @ 5678 rpm and 72 Nm @ 4386 rpm. Although it is more powerful than its 800 cc rivals, however, as it is not a 1000 cc motor, the K10, Wagon-R and Eon-1.0L remain comparatively powerful than the Kwid. This said, the weight of the Kwid is lowest in the segment - 660 kilos, so it features a healthy power to weight ratio.

  • 10. Now that the details of the much-anticipated Renault Kwid have been revealed, they have not disappointed at all. It is obvious that the car features SUV-like styling and flaunts a high ground clearance. This is particularly handy when it comes to in city driving and tackling those pesky potholes and speedbumps. The SUV stance also helps the driver maintain greater visibility. Impressed? We certainly are.

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    Poonam Bhardwaj
    Sep 28, 2015 at 9:41 pm
    Nice car in a small budget
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      jesurathnam j
      Oct 2, 2015 at 3:10 pm
      Superb choice for city driving......

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