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Top 10 US news: Congress on Iran nuclear deal, Obama summer curse, Washington wildfires, more

Tue August 25 2015, 11:08 am
  • Congress Iran deal, Harry Reid, Barack Obama

    Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid throws his full support behind President Barack Obama's nuclear agreement with Iran, saying "it is the best path to stop Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.'' (AP Photo)

  • Barack Obama

    President Barack Obama may have finally shed his summer curse - just in time for a daunting fall.

    After a string of sunny seasons gripped by controversy, crises and plummeting popularity, the summer of 2015 has been among the most productive stretches of Obama's presidency. One of his summer's biggest successes may simply be making it through his annual vacation on the tony Massachusetts island of Martha's Vineyard largely uninterrupted. While his summer troubles have often trailed him on previous vacations, he's poised to close out this year's trip Sunday without any statements to the press or public appearances, beyond a few glimpses or him on the golf course and biking with his family. (Reuters)

  • Topless Parade, Topless Parade manhattan

    Bare-chested women and men are taking to the streets of midtown Manhattan as critics have complained about topless women seeking tips in Times Square. (Reuters)

  • wildfires, wildfires washington

    The massive cloud of smoke is expected to lift over the wildfires in Washington state, but as air quality improves fire behavior could become more erratic and intense, fire officials say. By Donna Blankinship and Brian Skoloff. (AP Photo)

  • Pacific Ocean, Pacific Ocean garbage

    Scientists and volunteers who have spent the last month gathering data on how much plastic garbage is floating in the Pacific Ocean say most of the trash is medium to large-sized pieces, as opposed to tiny ones. (Reuters)

  • Harold Hamm, Harold Hamm divorce, most expensive divorce

    The former wife of billionaire Oklahoma energy tycoon Harold Hamm, who was awarded nearly $1 billion in a divorce settlement, is now suing Hamm over the sale of a company the two co-owned. (Reuters)

  • Storm Danny, Storm Danny caribbean

    Tropical Storm Danny weakens and is poised to bring winds and rainfall to parts of the Caribbean. (Reuters)

  • Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico us state

    Supporters of making Puerto Rico the 51st US state see an opening for their cause in the growing financial troubles of their island territory. Leaders of the pro-statehood movement say they are gaining popular support and more interest from the mainland for what a change in status that could go a long way toward resolving the fiscal crisis. (AP Photo)

  • Pope Francis Philadelphia, Pope Francis

    An army of about 10,000 volunteers will be on hand when Pope Francis visits Philadelphia next month during the Vatican-sponsored World Meeting of Families and holds the biggest events of his first trip to the U.S. Volunteers will greet and direct pilgrims, provide translation services, aid guests with special needs and perform a variety of other roles, including posting images and messages on social media, organizers from the World Meeting of Families says. (AP Photo)

  • El Chapo, el chapo guzman, jail

    Call it the curse of El Chapo. After Mexico's most famous prisoner, drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, tunneled his way out of a maximum security facility last month, its second-most famous prisoner has been denied home detention by a Mexican federal court. (Reuters photo)

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