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Monster’s 4 easy hacks to find the job you love

Thu July 16 2015, 6:01 pm
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    Economic Survey 2016: “Hence to exploit this dividend and meet the growing aspiration of those entering the labour force, India’s economy needs to create enough “good jobs”- jobs that are safe and pay well, and encourage firms and workers to improve skills and productivity,” it said. Out of the 10.5 million new jobs creative between 1989 and 2010, only 3.7 million-about 35 percent - were in the formal sector. In this period total establishments were increased by 4.2 million. The survey stated that jobs in informal sector have come down possibly due to increased use of contract labour. “Thus, the challenge of creating the good jobs of India could be seen as a challenge of creating more formal sector jobs which also guarantee workers protection.”

  • jobs monsters

    Finding a job you love is both an art and science. And here’s how you should go about it. (Reuters)

  • jobs monsters

    Monster's easy hack No. 1.: Find that sweet spot

    For those of you already in the workspace, need to identify that sweet spot between what you currently do and what you love doing. Here your acquired skills and competencies can meet your passion. For instance, if you’re a full-time sales person and after-hours video gamer, you should consider a career in the sales department of a gaming company. The insights you have, as a customer, will prove valuable and who can better sell a game than an ardent player? (Reuters)

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    Monster's easy hack No. 2: Identify your interests

    Do you enjoy creating computer games, writing codes, testing gaming apps or does travel give you a kick? Find a pattern in what you enjoy and love. Explore if it can be integrated in your job. Find inspiration here. (Reuters)

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    Monster's easy hack No. 3.: Evaluate your skills

    What is it that you do well? Are you good at problem solving, communicating and persuading other people? Or are you compulsively orderly and good at arranging systems and processes? Putting your interests and special skills together often helps you identify a career you’ll like. (Reuters)

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    Monster's easy hack No. 4.: Take a test

    There are a whole set of tests, called psychometric tests, that are often used as an aid in career choices. Such tests measure skills, knowledge, abilities, attitudes and personality traits and are said to be good indicators of a person’s preferences and abilities. The best known of these is the Briggs Myers test. This test will define you as a certain personality type and then suggest the careers that are suitable for you. Such a test may tell you that you have an INFP (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving) personality and that you would do well in art, music or as a therapist. (Reuters)

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