1. Placement Pressure

Placement Pressure

Differences in pay packages at IIT placements are leading to increased stress levels

By: | Published: December 2, 2015 12:24 AM

It’s not something that you tend to associate with IITs. Over the years, IIT graduates have always been placed without any difficulty. Now, there’s a twist in the tale. While they still get placed, the worrying factor for students is the wide disparity in pay scales being offered between the highest and lowest—anything from Rs 2 crore to just Rs 8 lakh annually. This is leading to depression and mental health issues among students. Placement depression usually happens to such students who have been top performers across semesters but fail to get placed on the first or second day. By the time the placement process is over, they could be among the leaders, but students tend to link performance to their identity.

Another factor stressing out students is meeting parental expectations. To ensure that fewer students get stressed out, as a first step IITs have started counselling students well before the placement process starts. This time round, IITs also do not plan to release any details of compensation packages being offered by recruiters. Another aspect is that since salaries today include fixed and variable components, IITs only mention the fixed part of the package. It’s early days, but efforts are on to ensure that stress levels for IIT graduates come down sharply.

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