1. Letters to the editor: Sangh needs to sort priorities

Letters to the editor: Sangh needs to sort priorities

Very unfortunately for India, the development plank is being repudiated and replaced by a conversion campaign.

Published: December 27, 2014 12:32 AM

Sangh needs to sort priorities

Very unfortunately for India, the development plank is being repudiated and replaced by a conversion campaign. Or, at least, the government’s development agenda is being hijacked by the hotheads in the Sangh parivar. Perhaps at the end of the tenure of the government, the BJP will show the figures of the converts into the Hindu-fold rather than the number of people brought above BPL. The VHP holds that ghar vapsi (home-coming) complements development, thereby hinting BJP’s tacit support for its programme. Further, it speaks of how ‘burqa-clad Muslim girls with limited education’ and ‘boys who become terrorists in madrassas’ stand to benefit from ghar vapsi. But the national statistics on education and the indoctrination at RSS shakhas speak for themselves and nail the lie. The low human development indices are across religions among the lower classes.

Instead of organising ghar vapsi programmes and pitting community against community, the RSS and VHP should organise mass inter-caste marriages to forge a larger Hindu unity and end discrimination between men. To an extent, it will do away with the need for anti-conversion law. A special economic package for Dalits can be another initiative to scotch conversion for economic reasons. As for conversion out of conviction and free-will following an alteration of belief, it is an inviolable right inherent in the Constitution. The sooner the Sangh parivar realises that religion cannot be equated with nationalism and non-Hindus cannot be seen or treated as second-class citizens, the better it is for the nation.

G David Milton
Maruthancode, Tamil Nadu

The right pill to pop

Apropos of the edit “Brain food”, popping pills to smarten up is a sure-fire recipe for addled brains. If that had been the case, there would be scientists galore roaming on the streets, surviving on drug diets. Instead, we have hippies and slackers roaming the streets, popping, licking, smoking, snorting and ionjecting the drug of their choice!

Prahlad Bhasin, Mumbai

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  1. Kuldeep Saxena
    Dec 27, 2014 at 4:18 am
    Very rightly mentioned in the letter, it will be great for BJP to choose to start working on the caste card or are we really making a headway for development we need to think very seriously. India and all the persons living in India are Indians , do we need to rework on this and what will be the impact of this ideology on a democratic system or are we just opening doors for caste war instead putting our strong hold in the direction od development and growth. A very sincere and effective steps were taken by Mr. Modi building the image of the country world wide but are we not deviated from this path and what impact this debate on caste system will have both on National as well the international levels. Are we very serious on our development agenda or we will be winners just identifying Hindus, Sikhs, Christian, or Muslims. We need to think very seriously Development- or insecurity among the people within the country.

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