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Interview-Free Hiring

The Central plan to restrict interviews for senior posts is correct

By: | Published: January 4, 2016 12:29 AM

In a step in the right direction, starting January 1, there will be no interviews for Central government jobs in the Class III and IV categories. This is a culmination of what PM Narendra Modi had talked about in his 2015
Independence Day address to the nation. The aim of this exercise is to reduce the discretion that leads to corruption while hiring people through interviews. Essentially, that means such employees will be hired solely on their educational qualifications and experience. Modi’s argument is that an interview gives the chance for a candidate to use influence to get selected, which is well the norm today in getting government jobs. While that maybe true, an interview also provides the employer a better understanding of the candidates capabilities.

While a mark-sheet provides insight into the educational level achieved by the candidate, it is not possible to judge their attitude and behaviour which is usually revealed in an interview. On the flip-side, many of the interviews for lower level jobs are quite perfunctory. Considering that the majority of government employees are in these grades, it removes the cumbersome process involved in such hirings. That would mean a greater degree of focus on senior level hirings. That should lead to better senior level hires. It is for the Central government to convince state governments to follow suit soon.

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