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Samsung files patent for creating Smart Contact Lens

By: | Published: April 11, 2016 6:16 AM

Imagine being able to emulate one of the spies that exist in Hollywood movies who control the world with the blink of an eye. Samsung may soon be able to introduce an innovation which will change the way we interact with technology by allowing users to step into the world of augmented reality (AR). The company in its patent filing in South Korea has revealed that it is working on developing a smart contact lens with a screen, a camera, an antenna and a sensor to detect movement. The lens will move us a step forward in AR, which Google tried to capitalise on last year with its Google Glass but failed miserably.

While this would not be the first time that the idea of bionic lenses has been floated—Google is working on a prototype which can detect glucose levels from tears, a doctor claims to have developed lenses which can give three times better vision and a US company, Innovega had created contact lenses which could be used with glasses to create AR—development of smart lenses by Samsung without any glasses would be a first. More important, the patent also opens up the debate between the proponents of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality. A report by Digi-capital highlights that the VR/AR market is expected to be $150 billion by 2020, with AR taking a lion’s share of around $120 billion. It highlights that while VR is a pure gaming invention, AR with its connect to the real world can be used for things besides gaming and play a disruptor much like mobile phones.

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