Tuesday, July 22 1997

Panel to sort out pay grievances


NEW DELHI, July 21: Stung by all-round criticism of the Fifth Pay Commission report, the Union Government has constituted an officials' committee to examine the lacunae in the report and suggest remedies.

The Committee of Secretaries will make recommendations within one month in regard to the following exceptional cases, arising out of the report and recommendations of the Pay Commission, on the merits of each case:

1.To examine the relativities in pay scale in respect of motorman/mail drivers and diesel assistants under the Ministry of Railways

2.The demand of the Central Secretariat Service to remove the intermediate pay scale in the grade of Rs 2,500-4,000/- (pre-revised)

3.The demand for upgradation of pay scale at the level of engineering assistants under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

4.The demand of senior auditors and accountants of various accounts organisations in respect of their pay scales

5.The demands of assistant engineers of Telecom Department

6.The demand of Delhi and Andaman Nicobar Islands Civil Services (DANICS) and Delhi and Andaman Nicobar Islands Police Service (DANIPS) to accept the recommendations of the Fifth Central Pay Commission

The Committee, comprising of Secretary (Expenditure), Secretary (Personnel and Training) and Secretary (Administrative Ministry), will submit its report to the Government within a month.

Before the committee submits its recommendation, it will consult the staff concerned, where necessary.

The Government is also in the process of appointing Anomalies Committees at the national and departmental council levels to rectify the anomalies, if any.

Yesterday, the Communist Party of India-Marxist had described the Pay Commission's recommendations as ``unsatisfactory.'' The All-India State Government Employees' Federation too had said the pay panel suggestions would have an harmful effect on them. The federation plans to hold a protest day next month.

Meanwhile, Defence Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav said today that an additional expenditure of Rs 2,500 crore will be incurred in implementing the recommendations of the pay panel for defence forces, steeply hiking salaries and allowances of officers and men.

``The Finance Minister has agreed to sanction the additional amount of Rs 2,500 crore annually to meet the burden,'' he said. Yadav was addressing mediapersons.

He said, ``I am sure that the recommendations of the pay commission and the improvement made thereon by the Government will boost the morale of the armed forces personnel.''

The Minister was optimistic that enhanced salaries and allowances would attract best talents to the services and help in reducing the shortage of officers and men in the Army and other wings of the defence forces.

At present, the Army is suffering from a shortage of over 12,000 officers, mainly below the rank of Colonel.

On parity of scales of defence personnel with the civil services, Yadav said, ``My Ministry will be open for any constructive proposal from the services headquarters for further improvement wherever feasible.''

The implementation of the Pay Commission report with retrospective effect from January 1, 1996 would benefit 10 lakh Junior Commissioned Officers and other ranks in the Army, 1,15,000 in the Air Force and 45,000 in the Navy.

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