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Thursday, November 01, 2001 

Indore to host mega-management event

Tarun Narayan in Mumbai

To leverage national presence and demonstrate industry’s application potential of management theories amongst future corporate managers, IIM- Indore, ranked sixth in the IIM line-up, is hosting a national management festival called IRIS 2001.

IRIS gets under way in Indore on November 2, 2001. All the four IIMs, XLRI and premier institutes from Mumbai will participate in the mega management show.

The rationale behind the management festival is to interact with management campuses across the country and replicate some of the proactive initiatives from other management institutes at IIM-Indore.
“Also, it is our way to demonstrate that management education is not always about learning from tough-nut academics but also from creative fun”, says Mr Neeraj Joshi trainee and co-ordinator, second year, IIM-Indore.

Corporate honchos ranging from sectors like FMCG, telecom and consumer durables will be lending proactive support in the form of sponsors, jury and speakers to the national management festival.

The events will include a mix of mind-stimulating management games like ad-mad, supply chain management contests and brainstorming panel discussions”, adds Mr Joshi.

The contests will incorporate case studies that are a part of the actual strategic insights that the corporates would be looking at, to be implemented in the core concerns. “We will have professionals from HLL who would be asking the participants to conceptualise an innovative and integrated brand-building model for Close up”, explains Mr Joshi.

The institute has also hosted an exclusive Website “www.iris-iimi.com” for the management carnival. “The Website will have a litany of contests in crosswords, management quizzes and caselets. This is to ensure that the impact of the four-day event remains for a whole month after the initiative concluded”, says Mr Joshi.

“The Website will also assist those institutes which cannot ensure physical participation in the festival”, says Mr Joshi.

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