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Vodafone proves social media point through ad

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Vodafone knows just how big social media is for most of us, and especially for young people. Vodafone knows just how big social media is for most of us, and especially for young people.
SummaryVodafone knows just how big social media is for most of us, and especially for young people.

Vodafone's "Made for sharing" advertising concept is inspired from the lives of digital natives who share every moment of their life on various social networking sites. The commercial chronicles the life of a girl who is sad because she has broken up with her boyfriend but over the course of time recovers and starts living her life. During this time she shares all her feelings - the sadness, the joy of hanging out with friends, vignettes from a holiday, singing, shopping, etc., through a series of status updates, Instagram and video uploads using Vodafone’s mobile internet. The ad is a testament to how important sharing is for young people today.

Campaign: Vodafone ‘Made for sharing’

Brand: Vodafone

Company : Vodafone India

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather India

The Campaign

Our Take

Memorable ad, this one. It’s like flicking through a friend’s album. Or reading through old letters, or rummaging through picture postcards. Beautiful narrative and yet there is no narration. This one is a pictorial beauty. The background score is particularly outstanding. It conveys just about everything that the female protagonist wants to say. We learn about her through a series of status updates and photos. Her name is Aditi. The opening frame starts off with a painful status update “It is over”. Then there is a quick change in the relationship column. Our protagonist goes from “being in a relationship” to “being single”. During the course of the ad, we watch while she’s pensive and in bed. She posts her update: “Feeling low. Need a hug”. We watch as her best friends are by her side. Then there are the vignettes from a holiday. She wears her yellow Willy Wonka glasses, and holds up an orange drink. We watch as she introspects, by a sunny lake and then by the swimming pool. “Must bounce back” is her new update. We go street-shopping with her and spot her cherry picking necklaces. She is “one with nature” as she goes hiking with friends. Her recovery is complete, as she picks up a microphone and sings unabashedly at a night club. The ad

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