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Narendra Modi's Washington test

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Top 5 tablets of 2013: iPad Air, iPad Mini, Google Nexus 7, Sony Xperia tablet Z, Dell Latitude

Dec 29 2013, 11:15 IST
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Apple Inc. started the entire segment that we calls tablets with the iPad. Apple Inc. started the entire segment that we calls tablets with the iPad.
SummaryApple Inc. started the entire segment that we calls tablets with the iPad.


Apple Inc. started the entire segment that we calls tablets with the iPad. Five years on, the iPad still reigns supreme in this space. Its latest, the iPad Air is a super thin, super light tablet with a traditional 9.7-inch screen with retina display. With the best app store in the world and its collection of the exclusive productivity apps, there is no doubt that the iPad continues to be the best tablet around. The new iPad Air runs iOS 7 on a 64-bit desktop-class Apple A7 chip, which means it won’t be long before you see a full enterprise functionality on the devices. Plus, the battery life is now much better than before.

Price: Rs 35,900+


If the iPad Air is the best tablet in town, then the iPad Mini is definitely the second best. That is because it is pretty much the same thing, though in a smaller package. And, this year, the Mini has become better with the addition of Retina display to its

7.9-inch screen. In fact, we would suggest this iPad to everyone who doesn’t actually need a larger screen and will be carrying their tablet around everywhere. The only place where this tablet

lacks now is the lack of calling, which some Android devices in this size have added. But we can live with that.

Price: Rs 28,900+


The best Android smartphone in our books has been made by Google, which gave us the world’s most popular smartphone operating system. And we think it also has the best Android tablet in town. The Google Nexus, built by Asus, packs the best specs in town for a tablet that does not have an Apple logo in the rear. The latest version is thinner and lighter as well as more powerful. It also has one of the best screens in town, though it is not Full HD. Plus, there is the added advantage that its Android 4.3 OS is at least a few months ahead of the competition, which anyway cannot match with the pure vanilla OS of the Nexus.

Price: Rs 20,999+


For Sony the innovation in tablets had not been in adding gimmicky software, but in making a full-size tablet that is water and dustproof. The Xperia Z, almost a giant-size version of its popular smartphone with the same name, can be taken to the shower if you want. This super slim tablet—is

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