TCSs Japan moment

TCSs Japan moment

Others would do well to emulate TCS' tie-up strategy.
Preparing for El Nio

Preparing for El Nio

Immediately, more oilseed/pulse imports and income stabilisation fund...

Smart Portable

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SummaryBuying a laptop is never easy. With technological changes taking place so fast, it does not take much time for the latest technology to become obsolete.

Buying a laptop is never easy. With technological changes taking place so fast, it does not take much time for the latest technology to become obsolete. Moreover, not so tech-savvy people tend to get confused between netbook, notebook and laptop computers. Let me clear the air here. Over a period of time, the laptop versus notebook debates have lost their importance as the latter have started coming in the size of a laptop with the same features! Laptops have been growing in popularity, power and affordability. Its now easier than ever to find a powerful laptop that will perform most tasks.

If you are planning to purchase a powerful portable computer, the Samsung Notebook Series 5 Ultra can be a good option. I recently received the Samsung notebook computerNP530U4Bfor a product review, neatly packed in a sturdy cardboard box. My first impressions: youll never get tired of staring at the Series 5 Ultrabook. It is ultra-light, ultra-thin and ultra-sleek. The computing device is amazingly portable and perfectly designed for a mobile life. Because its remarkably thin and light its easy to take it with you anytime and anywhere.

The R54,390-a-piece Samsung Series 5 Ultra unites professional style and durability. It has a simple and refined exterior comprising a cool metallic aluminum, while the underside is made with fibre glass thats light but resistant to wear and damage. So youll always be shielded from the bumps and knocks of life on the roadwhile still looking good.

Ultra-portable laptops make size and weight the priority, shrinking things right down so they are much easier to carry, but often at the cost of features. Take my word, dont let your laptop limit your creativity; let it unleash it. At least, this was my experience with the Samsung Series 5 Ultra. Every photo, video, website and document just looks stunning with the Samsung Series 5 Ultras 35.56 cm high definition SuperBright screen, Image Enhancer technology and powerful AMD Radeon HD7550M (1 GB) graphics. Your eyes will feel less tired with 40% brighter screen and its also anti-reflective, so you can see everything clearly even in the sunshine. Let me admit that the superior display technology is hard to miss.

In general, notebook computers were considered to be less efficient than best laptops. With less drives, notebook computers were smaller when compared to laptops. But now, with the advent of Apple notebooks, notebooks computers are much efficient when compared

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