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Jan 12 2013, 01:03 IST
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SummaryHighlights from the last day of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

Lexus LS600HL

Lexus showcased a technology that was considered science fiction till recently. Self-driving car LS600HL features Toyotaís Advanced Active Safety Research Vehicle technology. The technology has not yet reached a point where the car is fully self-driven. Lexus says its car aims to combine the precision of machines with the driverís ability to make judgements on the road. LS600HL can identify traffic signals and detect objects up to 150 metres away. The AASRV has a 360-degree Light Detection And Ranging laser, cameras, and GPS as its sensory organs.

Panasonic 4K tablet

4K resolution (four times HD) is the buzzword at CES 2013. After 4K TVs and cameras, a 4K tablet was spotted at the expo. Panasonicís tablet boasts of a 4K display. But it is a monstrous 20-inch device and itís a bit of a surprise that the company is calling it a tablet. The display is stunning, as expected, and the device is targeted at photographers, designers and architects. For this reason, the company has bundled a stylus with the tablet. Itís not the most portable device, but it is much smaller than Lenovoís 27-inch Table PC.

Tactus Tactile Touchscreen

If a solid QWERTY keypad is what stops you from moving to touchscreen phones, Tactusí Tactile touchscreen is just what you were looking for. When you type, buttons rise on the touchscreen. The company says a transparent fluid is pumped under the keys, making the buttons rise. This helps immensely while typing, by replicating a physical keyboard. Tactus says the technology is compatible with all touchscreen devices and the company is looking to tie up with major manufacturers. Another good thing is when your phoneís virtual keyboard is off, Tactus buttons fall back, leaving you with a flat touchscreen again.

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