Road Trip

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The 17 laws of design brochure. The 17 laws of design brochure.
SummaryA Turkish designer travels across the world, working in design firms in various countries.


So what were his design discoveries in India? The crowd and the clutter. Not just India’s roads, but magazines, newspapers and advertisements seemed crowded too. “The layouts have a lot going on. I think India has no place for minimalistic design right now.”

His project has exposed him to the nuances of design firms the world over. “In Thailand, I learned that an agency must be as professional as the client. Saying yes to everything that a client says doesn’t bring any success. We would unplug the office phones after 6 pm so that the client respects our working hours. I discovered that there are similarities and common problems in the design industry, no matter where you go,” he says.

Can design change the world then?

“Design can make things user-friendly, easier to understand, and make them better looking, but in the end, it is not going to change the world. But yes, some years ago, a study showed that better signage helped decrease traffic accidents. Redesigned fonts for traffic signs made them more readable from a distance,” says Cankaya.

Having travelled to 15 countries, he infers, “I think there are good and bad designs, and designers everywhere. People often ask which country has the best design environment. I don’t think it’s about countries, it’s about people.” Cankaya is currently in Sao Paulo, Brazil, working in Havas Worldwide, a marketing communications agency, for Citroen.

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