‘RBI cakes’ a hit every Xmas in Kolkata

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SummarySold at around Rs 50, the fruit cake has become most popular product being sold on streets of central Kolkata.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) does not make or sell christmas cakes, but delicious “RBI cakes” are a hit in Kolkata during Christmas.

Street vendors in the Kolkata’s Dalhousie area offer “RBI cakes” claiming it is baked in the central bank’s canteen.

Sold cheap at around Rs 50, the fruit cake has become the most popular product being sold this season on the streets of central Kolkata, specially around the RBI’s office on Netaji Subhas Road.

A co-operative canteen, run by the RBI employees union, buys chrismas cakes from Howrah in bulk to sell it amongst its employees.

“With (each passing) year, the cake became so popular that street vendors also started buying it from the same bakery in Howrah and branded it as “RBI cake,” an RBI canteen staff told PTI.

Sushanta Nath, president of the Reserve Bank Employees Association, said the cakes are very popular due to its taste and the price. “Outsiders encash on the brand name of RBI and sell it saying it’s ‘RBI cake’. But we don’t sell cakes.”

Street vendors say some of them manage to sneak into the central bank’s canteen and place bulk orders for these cakes.

“We know some people inside the canteen who sell us these cakes in large quantities. ‘RBI cakes’ is like a brand for us,” Raju, who sits near the General Post Office building, said.

In the last 10 days, Raju claims to have sold hundreds of pieces of the ‘RBI cake’.

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