Rahul Gandhi: 50 pct parliamentarians not in favor of MPLAD schemes

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Rahul Gandhi was addressing a meeting of panchayat representatives from over a dozen states. Reuters Rahul Gandhi was addressing a meeting of panchayat representatives from over a dozen states. Reuters
SummaryRahul Gandhi today lent his voice to growing chorus about doing away with MPLAD schemes...

party. We are going to do this at least in the Congress party in the near future," he said.

Rahul Gandhi said whenever there is talk about devolution of power and about the 73rd and 74th amendment in the Panchayati Raj Act, people complain that they are not given power.

Pointing towards Minister of State for Rural Development Pradeep Jain Aditya, he told the audience to ask him whether he is consulted when laws are made in Parliament though the primary work of MPs and MLAs are to enact laws.

"Every party issues a whip in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha be it me, Meenakshi Natarajan (party MP) or Pradeep Jain (party MP), we are told to press either the green or the red button. In the case of MPs, they are at least told. MLAs are not even told about it. State legislatures sit for only few days," Rahul Gandhi said.

"MP is not given power, they push the MLA and MLAs then push the Gram Pradhan and take away each other's power in this fashion. Right from the MP to the pradhan all the three are disempowered. Power is either with the chief minister of the state or five six bureaucrats... then there are pressures from the media and judiciary. My job is to empower MPs in Parliament, MLAs in assemblies and pradhans in panchayats," Rahul said.

Talking to women panchayat members Rahul Gandhi said that they are far ahead from women Members of Parliament and assemblies in one aspect -- their representation. He said that while they have 50 per cent reservation in panchayats, those in the assemblies and Parliament do not have even 33 per cent.

"If the political system has to be changed, local government has to be empowered. As long as this is not done, there will be no change in the political structure."

"Our strength is democracy. We have to deepen this by strengthening the hands of aam aadmi, aam MPs and aam MLAs. MPs MLAs and pradhans right now do not have the powers for the responsibility they have to discharge. We have

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