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Over 30 per cent population in Delhi stay in one-room homes

Sep 13 2013, 15:45 IST
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SummaryAccording to Delhi Statistical Handbook 2013, 32.2 per cent of city population stays in single-room

Over 30 per cent of Delhi population lives in one room dwellings while around three percent resides in more than five-room accommodations, as per a Delhi government report released today. According to Delhi Statistical Handbook 2013, 32.2 per cent of city population including both rural and urban stays in single-room dwellings followed by 29.6 per cent of those staying in homes with two rooms.

The annual survey, compiled by Directorate of Economics and Statistics, has also found that over 55 per cent of population have their own accommodation while 32.52 per cent of Delhiites stay on rent.

While 20 and 10.4 per cent of population reside in three and four room houses respectively, interestingly, only 3-4 percent of population can afford an over five-room residence.

Despite class difference, Delhiites seem to agree on sanitation as nearly 90 per cent of population has latrines in the house with three per cent reporting open defecation.

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