‘Netbooks and notebooks will co-exist peacefully’

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SummaryAdoption of netbooks has been rather slow in India. “India is an emerging market where more and more people are using the notebook for the first time. And first time users generally like to have a complete computing device,” feels Kevin Frost, vice-president and general manager of Hewlett-Packard Consumer Notebooks Business Unit.

products and thus would prefer a notebook to a netbook?

No, I never said that Indian customers do not prefer netbook. What I mean is that the market for netbooks is relatively slower than globally. If you look at the profile of India, it is an emerging market. More and more people are using the notebook for the first time. Now, the first time users generally like to have a complete computing device. For them, computing is little more important. In a country like India where there is a very high PC penetration, we can only hope that the demand for a second PC would also rise year after year.

Among all the South Asian countries, how is India doing in comparison to China and Japan? What is the annual PC shipment in India?

Well, the period of comparison has been very dynamic as there have been ups and downs. Globally, in the last two quarters the growth rates were tightened. But if we look at India alone, India did not suffer a negative growth. But now, the growth rates are really coming back.

Which are the other markets where the notebooks are really doing well? Which are the large markets for you?

The light notebooks have just been launched within a span of five or six days globally. So I think we have to wait for sometime to be able to comment on this. If we go by the IDC growth rates, the China markets are going strong; some strength is coming back in the American and the European countries too. As far as the Asian markets are concerned, according to the IDC growth rates, it has more strengths than weaknesses.

How do you propose to expand your market share in India in the coming days?

Right now in India, all the spectrum of the market is expanding. It is not that there is a low-end market that is expanding or a high end market that is expanding. And that is very much in line with to the range of products that we have. Another thing is that, once the market starts looking up, it

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