Rajnath Singh refuses to pinpoint blame about 'rumours' on son

Rajnath Singh refuses to pinpoint blame about 'rumours' on son

There has been some reports of Rajnath Singh's son being ticked off by PM Narendra Modi...
New Flight MH 370 theory

New Flight MH 370 theory

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 may have turned south earlier than previously thought

Long before Facebook, first pal was unfriended in 1275!

Aug 25 2013, 12:55 IST
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SummaryA few words which seem to be straight out of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's slangbag have actually been around for the past couple of centuries.

the same.

"Babe", used in the sense of "hot chick", has a very 1970s ring to it. But this sense of babe has been around since the early 1900s. The OED gives a quote from 1915: "She's some babe."

Other dated but widely used words on her list are "funky", "hipster", "frigging", "booze" and "tricked out".

"Booze" has been a general slang for alcoholic drink at least since the 1850s, and it has a longer history as a Middle English verb "bouse," meaning "to drink excessively" in the 1500s.

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