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SummaryThe prestigious and among the most advanced passenger carriers—the Boeing 787 Dreamliners—flying in various countries around the world have been grounded following the Japanese All Nippon putting a ban on flying of its entire fleet of 17 Dreamliners.

system efficient or how can FCI be made more efficient. Let’s think of workable solutions whenever we discuss problems.

SC Aggarwal

Founder, Poverty Trust, New Delhi

Married filing jointly tax option

With respect to the news about taxing the rich a bit more, the government should consider family income, instead of individual income, to identify the rich. The current system is unfair in case there is a single earning member in a family. For instance, say the husband earns R16 lakh and his wife is a homemaker, he ends up paying more tax than a family in which both husband and wife earn, say, R8 lakh each. In US, this is addressed by the ‘married filing jointly’ tax option. It is high time such an option is introduced in India too, to remove unfair taxation.

S Samanta, Bangalore

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