TCSs Japan moment

TCSs Japan moment

Others would do well to emulate TCS' tie-up strategy.
Preparing for El Nio

Preparing for El Nio

Immediately, more oilseed/pulse imports and income stabilisation fund...

Letters to the editor: Cloak-and-dagger politics?

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SummaryThe Congress was on the back-foot with a limping economy and the long shadows cast by the UPA-2

The Congress was on the back-foot with a limping economy and the long shadows cast by the UPA-2. The just concluded polls reflect this and, in two-cornered contests, the sole beneficiary was the BJP. But the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) exposed the standing of the BJP in the three-cornered Delhi polls, despite Modi, by matching the saffron seats. This must be ominous for the Congress and the BJP as both now seem to be vulnerable against an organised third major contender in the Lok Sabha polls of 2014. This could be provided by an AAP or a like avatar and, better still, by a reinvented Third Front that has pre-poll arrangements and not the opportunistic post-poll numbers game. There is a clear opportunity for regional entities to also become a mature and sagacious electoral group. Otherwise, they too stand to suffer the ignominy of being humbled by modern day nascent parties that are able to capture the imagination of the younger electorate growing by the day. Perhaps, we are seeing the end of old day cloak-and-dagger politics with its quid pro quo dispensation.

R Narayanan, Ghaziabad

Electorate on right track

One silver-lining we have found from the results of the recent assembly elections is that people have decided to give the desired massive majority to a single party and this time the choice of the people, at least in three states, is the BJP. Needless to stress, with fractured mandates, the political parties go in for the most unethical horse trading. Further, with slender margins, governments are unable to perform effectively and implement new schemes. If the assembly election results are really a precursor to the 2014 Lok Sabha elections as opined by many, the electorate is on the right track. They should go all out to see that they provide the required strong mandate to the one single party they have in their mind so that the new government is able to function effectively. As the BJP is most likely to get the mandate to rule the nation, it would only be wise for them to contest the Lok Sabha elections without any forced alliances.

Tharcius S Fernando, Chennai

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