Markets: Eerie calm

Markets: Eerie calm

it is not clear when market sentiment can change; as in the past, it can be quite sudden.
At a turn and yet not

At a turn and yet not

RBI could be tempted to cut policy rate to support growth at its bi-monthly review.

Kochadaiiyaan: Treat for Rajinikant fans

May 10 2014, 21:04 IST
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Imagine running, jumping, avoiding obstacles and zooming across the village in real Rajinikant style. Imagine running, jumping, avoiding obstacles and zooming across the village in real Rajinikant style.
SummaryTwo action-arcade games based on Rajinikant's, Kochadaiiyaan is a perfect treat...

Imagine running, jumping, avoiding obstacles and zooming across the village in real Rajinikant style. Sounds like great fun, right? The collaboration of two gaming big-wigs, Hungama digital and Gameshastra, resulted in the formation of Vroovy and this joint venture has presented a thrilling surprise for game lovers in the form of two action-arcade games based on the Rajinikant-starrer, Kochadaiiyaan. The two games titled Kochadaiiyaan The Legend: Kingdom Run and Kochadaiiyaan The Legend: Reign of Arrows, are brilliantly designed according to the medieval age and successfully keep you hooked on.

Running spree

The brand’s endless running game, Kingdom Run, lets you step into Kochadaiiyaan‘s shoes and keep running till you reach the final destination and progress to the next level. There are many obstacles and an army of enemies with axes who can cause fatal injuries on your character. The player must swipe up and down to avoid obstacles and look out for the caution sign, as that signifies the presence of an enemy nearby. Hit the arrow button to knock him down and keep moving ahead. You must also collect coins to buy armours, arrows and bows and special glucovita (game sponsor) power ups. If your character gets injured, you can save him by using coins.

Bulls eye!

The third person archery game, Reign Of Arrows, is set in Kottaipatinam and opens with a fantastic view of Kochadaiiyaan’s kingdom. The player then moves on to choosing the level and area where your character has to knock down enemies, using your archery skills. The first level is set in a courtroom where the gamer plays as Kochadaiiyaan, as you juggle between the cover points and destroy the enemies using the traditional bow and arrow. Each level has multiple waves, where the number of approaching enemies keep increasing. Also, the player must keep an eye on the life bar, which keeps decreasing every time your character gets hit. Alertness is the key to winning each level. The player can head to the armoury to buy upgrades and additional weapons, which includes split shot arrows, catapults, rapid fire arrows among others.

Graphics score

The graphics and SFX of the game is fantastic. There is an amazing joy in playing the game as Kochadaiiyaan, especially when Rajinikant’s character performs some of his signature styles using the bow and arrow. Music is another plus point, as it blends well with the era in which the game is set. The sounds of

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