Narendra Modi's Washington test

Narendra Modi's Washington test

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Small banks or banks for ‘small’ people?

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Gold rush: The yellow metal continues to lure

Oct 28 2013, 08:38 IST
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With Diwali round the corner, one of the most auspicious gold purchasing occasions is back in the country. With Diwali round the corner, one of the most auspicious gold purchasing occasions is back in the country.
SummaryGold has witnessed smart recovery and there is no reason why you shouldn’t buy some this Diwali.

its bit by raising the import duty on gold to 10 per cent now from 2 per cent towards the beginning of this calendar but experts feel that you must continue with your purchase and follow your asset allocation.

"You must route 10-15 per cent of your investment into gold. Investors will not only see better returns in the long run but also hedge themselves against inflation and currency depreciation," said Jain.

There are others who feel that anywhere between 5-10 per cent should be routed into gold and investors should not go overboard while investing into it following any rise in prices.

What is the best way to invest?

Gold prices have remained volatile in the past and there is a likelihood that they will remain volatile in the near future. In such an environment it is best to through systematic investment plans (SIP) or monthly allocation of fund into gold so that you average out your cost of acquisition and benefit when the prices rise on the overall investment.

As far as the mode of investment is concerned, exchange traded funds (ETF) of mutual funds score over your traditional jewellers gold coin not only in terms of pricing but also in terms of purity and the price you can fetch at the time of sale.

The exchange traded funds’ also score over the bank’s bar or coins on pricing and liquidity as bank’s are not allowed by regulation to buy back the gold from the customers.

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