Gene that predicts time of day you will die

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Gene that predicts time of day you will die. (Reuters) Gene that predicts time of day you will die. (Reuters)
SummaryThe surprising findings, could help with scheduling shift work and planning medical treatments.

up about an hour earlier than the people who have the G-G

genotype, and the A-Gs wake up almost exactly in the middle," said Clifford Saper, Professor at Harvard Medical School.

Expression of the Period 1 gene was lower in the brains and white blood cells of people with the G-G genotype than those with the A-A genotype, but only in the daytime, which is when the gene is normally expressed.

"Virtually all physiological processes have a circadian rhythm, meaning that they occur predominantly at certain parts of the day. There's even a circadian rhythm of death, so that in the general population people tend on average to be most likely to die in the morning hours. Sometime around 11 am is the average time," said Saper in a statement.

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