TCS’s Japan moment

TCS’s Japan moment

Others would do well to emulate TCS' tie-up strategy.
Preparing for El Niño

Preparing for El Niño

Immediately, more oilseed/pulse imports and income stabilisation fund...

Free expression: Delhi University to bring out three journals soon

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SummaryFollowing the lines of foreign universities, Delhi University will soon publish three journals on humanities and social sciences, natural sciences and creative writing.

Following the lines of foreign universities, Delhi University will soon publish three journals on humanities and social sciences, natural sciences and creative writing.

According to the university website, “these journals will be available online, free of charge, with open access.”.

Speaking about the idea behind introducing these journals, Avinash Khare, Department of Physics and Astrophysics, who is involved with the journals, said, “Most reputed universities have a journal of their own and it was felt that Delhi University should also publish journals. There more than 70 colleges in the university apart from several departments. So much research output goes unnoticed. While researchers might be publishing their articles in various journals, both within the country and abroad, the combined output of the university is not highlighted.”

The highlight of this initiative is that even undergraduate students will get the opportunity to have their articles published. “The journals are not restricted to research papers. We also also encourage the creative aspirations of students. Thus, we have a separate journal for creative writing,” Khare said.

Called DU-Vidha, the bi-annual creative writing journal will be in English and Hindi. As the name signifies, the literary genres or vidha is an avenue for writers to express their dilemma while “negotiating what to say and just how to say it,” the university website said.

Most colleges have their college magazines which carry articles by students. “A pool of very well-written articles by students are already available in college magazines and we are planning to use some of them for the creative writing journal,” Khare said.

The other two journals on natural sciences and humanities and social sciences, however, will be research-based and they will be published once a year. The articles will be selected through a peer-review process.

“An editorial board comprising experts in a particular subject, even those from outside the university, will go through the papers. They will write their comments and the articles might be sent back to the author for clarification. If the panel is satisfied with the article, it will be selected,” Khare said.

University officials have decided to keep the journal online and not to have print editions available.

“Most journals, these days, are available online. One normally has to pay a subscription fees to access the online journals but Delhi University journals will be freely accessible. The online format also brings down the cost significantly,” Khare said.

While papers for the creative writing journal need to be submitted by the end of February, the deadline for the other two journals is the end of May.

“Papers from outside the university have been invited. We are hoping to make the journals available by October this year,” he added.

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