Column : Indian IT can’t take its eyes off US revenues

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SummaryCompanies need to develop themselves as global brands so they can attract experts from Google, Apple, IBM, etc.

this year too. Many transformational deals in verticals such as BFSI, retail and manufacturing are going to come Indian IT’s way, and those vendors with the longest reach in America will win the prize.

This is where Indian IT players have to undergo a transformation. This safety-first approach has been dragging the sector for a long time, but the industry pioneers have refused to change. Why can’t the likes of TCS, Infosys and Wipro appoint industry-leading experts in key positions? Why is it that they are refusing to appoint leaders from Google, Apple or IBM? It’s not that they can’t pay these executives top dollar. If one really is hoping to achieve great results, the HR heads will have to hunt down the top technologists of the world. The problem is most of the Indian IT vendors are still not regarded as global brands. TCS is not a household name, though it is India’s largest IT exporter. Hence, getting top people to join them is not going to be easy. The question is, do Indian IT vendors have the will to push for it? Are they too afraid of introducing top talents of the world, who could have a disruptive effect in their companies? Indian IT has always had a conservative soul—one that refuses to engage with disruption. North Americs requires those who can push the envelope and Indian players have to realise this.

India has been trying to get rid of this outsourcing destination tag and instead acquire an innovation label.

Its global delivery model (GDM) has been a time-tested policy that has yielded substantial benefits but it’s now time to say goodbye to the time & material system. America and Europe are trying to spend as little as possible on IT and they are not looking at fixed pricing. Outcome-based pricing has taken over and Indian IT services players have latched on to it. Surviving by the quarter has been the trend for the last 3-4 years. It’s all about taking a myopic view of the situation. But only those companies that are willing to make short-term

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