Cloud and big data are key focus areas for us

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SummaryIndia is a strategic market for EMC, the $20 billion, 53,000-people strong American enterprise and the world’s leading maker of corporate data storage equipment.

may have an impact, but because of this unstoppable growth of digital information, technology spending will continue to increase.

Do you expect India’s IT services sector to continue the strong growth it has seen over the last decade?

This one is a bit hard to predict because, at the earlier stages of any segment, the growth tends to be steeper. India’s IT sector witnessed major developments in its early stages and the industry grew quickly at a global level.

Will it be the same in the next ten years that it has been in the past ten years? Considering that IT spending in India is already very significant, growth rate may not be so steep. But India’s big advantage lies in the fact that companies continue to look for ways to invest. Another advantage for India will be its focus on education and availability of skills in math, statistics and engineering. A lot of skills around data management or data analytics will be here, perhaps more so than other countries. Therefore I think the focus may shift a little bit from BPO that has been, and perhaps more into data analytics services representing a new trend for India.

Everybody is talking about cloud computing. But is it truly democratising the access to cutting edge technology for businesses specially those in emerging nations?

I think of cloud computing more as a business model, not so much democratisation of access. It allows cost-savings, better IT and ultimate business agility and growth. While digital information will grow 60-fold, enterprise investments in IT and staffing will grow only in single digits. The cumulative effect is driving businesses toward cloud. Most of the data in India will reside over the cloud and IT heads will be looking at comprehensive solutions to manage and make sense out of that data. It is here that EMC is well-positioned with industry leading partnerships and solutions.

How important is the India market for EMC in terms of business?

India is a strategic market for EMC. Since opening its India operations, the India region has evolved to be a critical contributor to EMC’s long-term strategy by driving

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