'Don’t make privatisation a religion'

'Don’t make privatisation a religion'

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Fashioning new markets

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Buzzwords of 2012: GAAR to lobbying; Libor to fiscal cliff

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World of business in India this year confronted with its own maze of buzzwords that included terms like GAAR, Coalgate, OFCDs and lobbying.  (Reuters) World of business in India this year confronted with its own maze of buzzwords that included terms like GAAR, Coalgate, OFCDs and lobbying. (Reuters)
SummaryBusiness this year was confronted with a maze of buzzwords like GAAR, Coalgate, OFCDs and lobbying.

kind of bonds that can be converted into other securities.

Towards the end of the year, 'lobbying' by US companies, including retail giant Wal- Mart, with their own lawmakers kicked up a political storm, as they were found garnerning support in their home country for pushing forward their business interest in India and elsewhere.

In the meantime, the government and policymakers back home were seen pushing for channelising more and more household savings into equity market, mutual funds and other financial instruments, rather than 'idle assets' like gold.

The concern has been that money spent on buying gold gets locked, while investments in financial markets can be utilised for infrastructure building and other meaningful purposes.

At the same time, the power sector witnessed its worst ever 'grid failures' as more than half of the country's population saw a blackout for two consecutive days.

In the stock market also, there were some small and one big instance of 'flash crash', wiping out over a trillion rupee notional investor wealth within seconds.

Some Indian versions of 'Ponzi' schemes also came to the fore in the form of suspected frauds through various multi-level marketing (MLM) operations and Collective Investment Schemes (CIS), including one where investors were asked to put their money towards rearing of goats to double and triple their investments.

In the banking space, the NPAs was the buzzword, while the companies making losses tried to give it a positive spin by calling them 'negative profits', and fall in their business as 'negative growth' rather than a simple 'decline'.

For UB Group Chief Vijay Mallya, Kingfisher was working on a 'holding pattern', when the airline was actually on the brink of being grounded. In aviation parlance, 'holding pattern' is used to describe the multiple 360-degree turns made by the pilot while waiting to land his or her aircraft.

Despite their complex meanings, most of these terms and phrases became 'new normal', which itself was coined a couple of years ago as a purely economic buzzword and has now been used in the name of a popular sitcom in the

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