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At auto expo, students interact with future sponsors

Dec 22 2012, 01:18 IST
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SummaryThe 12th annual Auto Expo’s new initiative of having a dedicated students pavilion to display their craft is being lauded by all participants.

The 12th annual Auto Expo’s new initiative of having a dedicated students pavilion to display their craft is being lauded by all participants. It is not only a great place for students to showcase their talent before the public, but it has also become a hub where students can meet their future sponsors. The 5-day Auto Expo will end on December 23.

“On the first day, we interacted with Volkswagen and Toyota officials. They showed interest in our projects and interacted with us,” said Vaibhav Amlekar, 1st year student of Vishwakarma Institute of Technology. “It was a great learning experience. Next time when we go for sponsorships, there are better chances for us getting it,” said Sayali, a student of VIT.

“Experts related to various auto industry told us how to use the existing parts more efficiently. They also gave us various alternative options to increase efficiency and curtail costs,” said Shrikant Tarte, student, College of Engineering, Pune. “It is easy to interact with the industry guys and get their inputs here. They point out where we are going wrong and how to minimise loss,” said Akhilesh Bhatkar, student, AISSM’s College of Engineering.

Modern college of Engineering students also met their potential clientele in the Auto Expo. “Ours is an eco friendly car that has the option of both pedal and motor. So many vegetable, flower and ice cream vendors have come forward to us and told us that they are interested. Maruti too had come up and said that they will be interested to have about 100 of these vehicles made for material handling in their plants,” said Shreyas Choudhari, student, MCE. “Although the total cost of the vehicle is Rs 45,000, with mass production, the cost can come down to Rs 25,000. We can even have solar panels on roof to charge the batteries used in the vehicle,” said Shoheb Sheikh, student, MCE.

For Army Institute of technology, apart from interaction with experts and potential sponsors, interaction with the general public also proved beneficial. “Various questions were posed at us regarding the viability of these vehicles on the road. We have now realised what challenges these vehicles will face in practical. They raised safety issues and have also asked us to shorten the size of the vehicle,” said NS Prasun, student, AIT.

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