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'Don’t make privatisation a religion'

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Aamir Khan: Superstar with a conscience is the guest at Adda tonight

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SummaryThe Indian Express hosts him at the Express Adda at Olive Bar & Kitchen in Mumbai

Perfectionist. Marathon Man. Marketing Monster. Mr Box Office. Aamir Khan has come to live these terms in Bollywood today. Also Activist, Thought Leader, Superstar with a Social Conscience.

On Wednesday evening, The Indian Express hosts him at the Express Adda at Olive Bar & Kitchen in Mumbai. The Express Adda — now well over a year old and an established monthly fixture in the social calendar of Delhi and Mumbai — is a series of free-wheeling conversations with personalities at the centre of change in our times.

2012 has been big for Aamir. Talaash continues to run successfully at the box office. His TV show Satyamev Jayate shook the nation up by taking a stand on social issues.

Aamir thrives on unpredictable choices; reinvention is his middle name. In Bollywood, the Aamir Khan story is this: if there’s a movie nobody else will make, he will.

A select audience drawn from thinking Mumbai is set for a unique, stimulating conversation.

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