Virtual reality headset for video gamers: A matter of perception

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SummaryVirtual reality is one of many inventions that never seemed to make the leap from science fiction to mass-market product.

his own collection.

While he was passionate about virtual reality, Luckey realised that none of the headsets he bought offered the kind of immersive experience he wanted from the technology. He began tinkering with headset designs of his own.

“If there had been a perfect headset, I wouldn’t have gotten into virtual reality,” Luckey said.

People who put the headset on were amazed by how the game world surrounded them. It has a 110-degree field of view, far more expansive than the 40 degrees of many virtual reality headsets.

Michael Abrash, a programmer at the game developer Valve Corporation, who is working on virtual reality and other projects there, said Carmack’s endorsement gave Luckey’s headset “instant credibility.”

The headset is currently designed to work with computer games, not with the popular consoles made by the likes of Sony and Microsoft. Oculus says existing computer games can be adapted for virtual reality without great expense. But some analysts are skeptical that consumers will be excited about buying a game headset, even if developers like it.

Virtual reality headsets can also cause motion sickness in people who wear them, though the effects vary by person. Oculus is doing everything it can to reduce the latency, or delay, in its headset between head movement by players and changes in on-screen perspective, which is one cause of motion sickness.

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