55% Indian-Americans own house in US: Homeownership report

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SummaryIndian-Americans boast the highest-per capita income group among ethnic communities...

increased with time spent in the United States. Among foreign- born households with a householder who entered the US before 1980, nearly three-fourths were owned rather than rented.

Among households headed by someone who entered the US since 2000, only one-fourth were owned.

According to the brief, just 10 metropolitan statistical areas accounted for about half the nation's foreign-born households in 2011, led by New York and Los Angeles, each of which had more than one million foreign-born households.

Rounding out the top five were Miami, Chicago and Houston. Nearly half, or about 45 per cent, of the metropolitan areas in the Northeast, particularly in New York and Pennsylvania, exceeded the national homeownership average for foreign-born households of 52 per cent.

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