1. Sony MHC-V44D, priced at Rs 29,990, has really good audio quality

Sony MHC-V44D, priced at Rs 29,990, has really good audio quality

The audio quality is really good for this full-fledged party device

By: | Published: October 20, 2016 6:05 AM

Bluetooth speakers have over the past few years killed the audio system in most of our homes. However, the Bluetooth speaker too has evolved from small to big with added features. Life seems to have come full circle with high power audio systems adding even a CD player along with features that will keep DJs and karaoke enthusiasts happy.

The Sony MHC-V44D reminded me of one of those amps an old friend used to favour when we were in college. But if looks can be deceiving, this is much more. In fact, this is a full-fledged party device. Well, what does that mean? It can play music, play loud music, lets you play with the music and even the way you play when the music is on.

What is good?

Well, there is pretty much nothing this device can’t do. That cryptic line above tries to do its best to explain, but fails. Yes, it can play audio from a DVD, from your mobile via Bluetooth and from a USB port. It also comes with a FM tuner, just in case. And if that doesn’t suffice, then you can pitch in as the source with the Karaoke mode.

This is meant for the partY beasts. So there are party lights which you can customise and control using the fiestable app. The app also lets you put on a DJ show with a bit of scratching and some elements thrown in.
However, that needs someone who knows what he is doing without playing party pooper. The app is also fun, with even a shake letting you change colours.

The audio quality is really good, especially for the heavy bass, rock the room kind of music. Yes, this is meant to liven up a party and it sure will, even if you are in a large hall or even the rooftop for it can manage to be loud without being a pain. The audio quality is rich and deep, though with a rider. I could not really test the karaoke mode, but there is a record option for those times you actually end up with something memorable.

What is not that good?

I couldn’t really find anything wrong with the Sony MHC-V44D. However, it isn’t really made to play the relaxing kind of music, say Rabindra Sangeet, on a lazy Sunday. This is just not that kind of music player. Actually, at low volumes it feels a bit underwhelming and restrained. However, pump up the volume and it does a superb job of the same track. But then most of us don’t have the luxury of being loud all the time.


If you are looking for a really versatile audio system to replace your old fashioned Hi-Fi system then this might just be it. It is good that the Sony MHC-V44D does not use up a lot of space nor look like an alien in the living room. Also, this does not cost much more than what some of us spend on weekly parties. But then again this is strictly for those in the party circuit.

Estimated street price: R29,990

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