1. Listen to the music

Listen to the music

Two portable speakers and a stylish headphone which offer rich and powerful sound and are apt for the trendy yet quality conscious consumers of today

By: | Published: December 4, 2014 1:21 AM

What’s that feeling you get when you hear a great piece of music? Is it exciting? Is it sadness? Is it a peace of mind? Music, according to me, is life in itself. It is a great way to get the momentum going when your goal is to adopt a more positive mindset.

I feel music makes you more passionate about the things you like or love the most! But to hear soulful music, you also need the right kind of audio equipment. With a wide variety of headphones and portable speakers available in the market, listening to music on the go has never been more exciting.  We check out two portable speakers and a stylish headphone to find out how they liven our music-listening experience.

Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker

Frankly, Bose has changed the way people listen to music. This Amar Bose-founded firm, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this  year, as one of the most respected name in sound, is renowned for providing high-quality sound solutions; for the home, in the car, on the go or in public spaces—Bose products have indeed become iconic. Recently,  Bose debuted two additions to its SoundLink line of mobile audio solutions:
the SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker and the SoundLink Bluetooth on-ear headphones. We got the former for a review and this is the most affordable SoundLink speaker from Bose.

Unwrapped, the Color speaker, priced at R11,138, is a completely new SoundLink design—but is still every inch a SoundLink. It weighs just 1.25 pounds (half a kg), and measures 5 inch wide, 2.1 inch deep and 5.3 inch high to fit easily into a handbag, knapsack or the palm of your hand. Bose has combined dual-opposing passive radiators with two high-efficiency transducers for full-range sound, including deep, low-note performance. With its size and performance, the SoundLink Color speaker is a small wonder, making out-loud listening undeniably portable, powerful and fun.

In terms of its use, the SoundLink Color speaker is pretty easy to use, you’ll be listening in no time. It connects wirelessly to a smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth enabled device, and uses voice prompts—available in several languages—to simplify setup, and identify which source is connected. Turn it off, and the SoundLink Color speaker remembers the last eight devices paired when powered back on. It then automatically connects to the two most recently used—your iPhone, iPad, Android, or other Bluetooth enabled device.

Switch back and forth without having to disconnect, reconnect and re-pair. Essential controls are on the product, and for added versatility, a 3.5 mm stereo auxiliary input is integrated on the back of the enclosure. Using a Lithium-ion battery, it can last for up to eight hours of unplugged play time, and fully recharges with most USB power sources in as little as three hours. The device is available in various colour options—Black, White, Blue, Red and Mint.

My takeaway: The SoundLink Color speaker gives a size-defying audio performance. With its thick, rich sound, it  works particularly well for soft Hindi ghazals or some ever-lasting English songs by Celine Dion, Richard Marx, George Michael and Whitney Houston. While Bose has an uncanny knack of projecting audio across a room, this speaker doesn’t sound at its best at higher volumes. Other than that, it is a masterpiece to own, that too at this price level.

Estimated street price: Rs 11,138

Zebronics Bliss Speaker

The new Zebronics ‘Bliss’ brings the range and power of tower speaker in a single unit to do it all—party, travel, relax! With an in-built rechargeable battery offering a play-time of up to four hours and a convenient carry handle, this is truly a speaker unit from Top Notch Infotronix that enables you to literally carry your party with you.

Attractively priced at R1,549, the Zebronics Bliss delivers crisp, clear sound with booming base through dual 4-inch and 3-inch drivers, aided by its fully wooden enclosure—giving an output of 10W (RMS) with a signal-to-noise ratio      85. The speaker system can take audio input from the usual sound sources such as laptops, mobile phones or media players via a standard accessory cable connected into its 3.5 mm aux jack. In addition, it can directly play MP3 or WMA audio files off SD/MMC cards or USB flash drives. Capability to tune and play FM radio has also been added. The powerful 2000mAH battery typically runs through a play-time of up to 4 hours before requiring to be recharged.

Rainbow-coloured LED lights give character to the music as it plays, adding to the vibrant appeal and providing easy visual access to the controls—all housed in a trendy silver-grey full-wooden enclosure that follows a single box design. The dimensions of the unit are 172 x 138 x 362 mm (W x D x H), making it easy to carry around to a picnic or a party, or just to relax in different areas around the house. A remote controller and USB charging cable as well as 3.5 mm AUX cable are included in the pack.

Estimated street price: R1,549

Amkette Trubeats Tango

We might have often seen youngsters share their music, but frankly sharing earplugs while listening to audio from a single sound source is something that has troubled consumers for a while now. In the process, the sound gets compromised and listening gets inconvenient as it binds the users to stay in one position else the earplugs would fall off the ear. The lack of connected headphones absolutely ruins the audio experience.

Amkette has designed its new Trubeats Tango to address this issue. With the innovative sharing port, the Amkette Tango allows users to connect headphones to one another so the users never have to compromise on sound and convenience again. The headphones ensure a superior sound experience and have a sturdy design for rugged usage. They are an ideal fit for the generation on the go.

The headphones come in three contemporary colours with four customisable decals. With each headphones there are four designer
decals to suit your mood and style; in essence each headphone becomes four different headphones on the go. The Amkette Tango with its foldable form factor is extremely convenient to carry in backpacks and also fits perfectly in your pockets.

The inbuilt sharing port enables users to connect multiple headphones together without compromising on the sound.  The headphones are fully collapsible and can be compressed into the size of a tennis ball. They come with easy inline controls to make the hands-free and music control experience seamless. The angled gold plated connector helps resist sudden shocks and jerks making the headphones long lasting and durable. The headphones also come with an additional mobile adapter which enables multiple device connectivity. They are priced at R1,495 and are available on Amazon.in.

Estimated street price: R1,495

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