1. Huawei Honor 8 is stylish designed; packs five camera

Huawei Honor 8 is stylish designed; packs five camera

Honor 8 is a sleek and elegant phone with good performance and long-lasting battery

By: | Published: November 10, 2016 6:06 AM

MEET the new Honor 8, the flagship smartphone from Huawei’s e-brand Honor. Recently, the Chinese device maker celebrated its second anniversary in India with the launch of its latest phone (Honor 8) which takes the legacy of dual camera further. The company has also introduced Honor 8 Smart and its first ‘Make in India’ phone Honor Holly 3, along with Honor 8. Honor 8 retails for R29,999 and we are here to talk about this device only. It is available in three colours—Sapphire Blue, Pearl White and Sunrise Gold. There’s some consolation for those who are a bit reckless with their gadgets; Honor 8 comes with a two-year warranty, plus a touchscreen replacement guarantee in the first three months.

At first look, the Honor 8 will convince many that it is no longer necessary to pick the latest phone from a Samsung or Microsoft to impress our friends and colleagues. Honor 8 is

quite a head-turner. We got the Gold variant for a product evaluation. It is a perfect blend of attractive design and good set of specs. The design looks world-class and premium. The slick body of Honor 8 is made with heavy 2.5D glass on front screen and back surface, there is finished aluminum alloy and ultra-narrow bezel design for a much stronger body and a smooth, seamless feeling. All in all, a sleek and elegant phone.

The Honor 8’s 5.2-inch FHD display provides a very good viewer experience, with vivid and crisp images. Its Eye-Care Mode makes looking at your phone more comfortable and safe by filtering part of the blue light to reduce eye strain.

Probing the interiors, the Honor 8 runs Android 6.0 and Huawei’s Emotion user interface 4.1. The smartphone derives its power from a 16 nanometer Kirin 950 chip that, company officials claim, reduces power consumption and enhances overall performance. Technical speak, the Honor 8 is powered by an octa-core CPU at 4 x 2.3 GHz + 4 x 1.8 GHz built on a 16nm architecture. Its 4 GB of LPDDR4 RAM (external memory support up to 128 GB) enables effortless multitasking and seamless gaming. The phone boasts of a 3000mAh battery; I was particularly impressed with its fast-charging technology, it reached 47% (from 0%) charge in just 30 minutes.

Thanks to the latest fingerprint technology, you can unlock the Honor 8 in only 0.4 seconds. The auto-learning skills of the fingerprint sensor improve the recognition of your fingerprint over time. The level 4 fingerprint acquisition algorithm delivers enhanced security, and smart features like fingerprint reader to make payments, take photos, record video, receive phone calls, or turn off an alarm or unlock its Smart Key button functions, customisable for instant access to features and apps along with an instant phone unlock. It also allows the users to take partial or full screen shots with the tap of their knuckle and similar other features through its enhanced knuckle feature. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Without doubt, the camera is a major attraction of Honor 8. The innovative bionic 12 MP dual lenses of the device are simply your eyes to the world. One lens allows for rich colour and the other lens is monochrome to give your images more light and increased sharpness. Together, they help you capture crisper, more detailed photos. For instance, if you want high-quality photos under macro, black light, low-light, and complex conditions, the Honor 8

will make it happen in a jiffy. The hybrid auto-focus enables laser focus for short range, precise depth focus for long range, and contrast focus—each working in tandem to help you take better pictures in complex lighting conditions, day or night. Additionally, it has an 8 MP front camera that works well even in low light for all the selfie fans.

In my almost fortnight-long assessment, I can confidently say that Honor 8 is a top-notch smartphone with a good set of specs under the hood. It has a gorgeous design, great camera and good overall performance, pretty adept for surfing, making calls, playing music and messaging. If you are one of those who like to flaunt the latest device around, then the Honor 8 is a very good option. Highly recommended!

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