1. Now, join the virtual classroom

Now, join the virtual classroom

WizIQ, a new-age startup, is creating a shared economy for teachers

By: | Published: December 28, 2015 12:12 AM

online  With elevated internet penetration, the concept of online education, virtual classrooms and digital tutorials are now the considered norm.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ambitious vision of Digital India promises to connect citizens to services digitally. And WizIQ is one of them. Offering a dynamic platform for educators and teachers spread across geographies, Gurgaon-based WizIQ is one such platform that is playing the aggregators’ role perfectly. It is an open-forum where people from diverse locations can come online and take virtual classes based on course module that is
specific and not pre-defined as per the renowned traditional Indian education system.

As an aggregator of education, WizIQ allows people flexibility, time-conservation, cuts down the logistic issues as well as saves money and time that goes wasted in starting a course from the scratch when all one needs to understand might involve a single chapter. Started by Harman Singh, this new-age startup offers a plethora of features that enable providers to set up their branded academy within minutes, without upfront investments in server infrastructure or development efforts. For instance, WizIQ Mobile Application for Learning provides a fully-integrated, social and easy-to-use platform with a mobile app for online learning to match the online academy.

WizIQ Virtual Classroom provides all the features and tools needed to simulate the face-to-face classroom experience, with real-time audio-visual communication, polling functions, video and text chatting, breakout rooms, interactive whiteboards, and screen sharing to enable peer collaboration and synchronous learning.

Harman Singh, the founder and  CEO, WizIQ says, “With WizIQ’s teaching and training platform quality education is not limited by geographies anymore. Education service providers can impart high quality learning from anywhere to students in any corner of the world. Cutting edge features like Learner analytics on the platform help improve instructor effectiveness and learner engagement leading to higher success rates.”

WizIQ has evolved into a global presence with 450,000 educators having leveraged its services to impart learning to 4.5 million-plus learners in over 200 countries. The company has customers across use cases and business segments including Test Preparation, tutoring and higher education and vocational.

Harman says, “Our customers in India include marquee names such as Aakash Educational Services, Byju’s classes, Vidyamandir Classes, TYC Online, Meritnation, Symbiosis Distance Learning among others. Besides, we recently acquired big accounts in the corporate learning space including one of the world’s largest FMCG companies.”

The e-learning market in India continues to grow and is estimated to be around $3 billion at present. The online training in India focuses on K12 tutoring, test preparation, college-based courses along with mid-level professional courses. “We believe India is poised at an inflection point of e-learning growth. Advent of technologies like mobile and cloud, the emerging demographic trends and a huge demand for skilled workforce will be the primary drivers for e-learning adoption,” concludes Harman Singh.

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    AC LF
    May 31, 2016 at 8:48 am
    During their demos, Wiziq showed fantastic performance however when they turned over the app after we paid, that was when we experienced it as slow and non-loading. Requesting payment refund from them is a pain. As customers, we’ve been sending requests for the past 2 years which they continuously ignore. After sending follow ups, they ask what the problem is over and over so you’ll get tired of forwarding the email thread to them. After all the effort and time we’ve wasted, they are now using their 2 year period policy to defend their refusal to refund even if several refund requests were made even before that period lapsed. WizIQ is a scam. Save your money and your time and just buy something else.

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