1. ‘I love watching football when a Chelsea game is on’

‘I love watching football when a Chelsea game is on’

After Hours with Sanjay Gupta, CMO, Urban Ladder

By: | Published: April 19, 2016 6:23 AM

After Hours with Sanjay Gupta, CMO, Urban Ladder

1. The job

My day is spent thinking about the best ways of reaching out to our target audience. What I find personally enthralling is the way we use the digital medium for marketing. It is great to see that marketing is no more a spray medium as digital has now made it extremely measurable and targeted. All employees are given the freedom and opportunity to run the business as if he/she were an entrepreneur, from day one. This gives us the freedom to innovate and step up to bigger responsibilities.

2. The weekdays

I start my day with a run and get to work at 8:30am to catch up on my emails. I manage teams across branding, creative, content, digital and product marketing, so a large part of my day is spent catching up with teams on brainstorming, planning and problem solving discussions. I also spend a part of my day in discussions with cross functional teams to get an overall view of the business.

3. The weekend

On the weekend, I spend time with my family and also my pets. Grooming and taking the dogs out for a walk
is a must for me. I ensure I catch up with a few friends in the evenings and watch football, if there is a Chelsea game on.

4. The toys

My MacBook and now a baby monitor to watch the kids.

5. The logos

Apple is my all-time favourite for its simplicity and design, while in footwear, Nike has been another brand that I appreciate for creating a cult and making buying a simple shoe, a complicated process. On the fashion front, Zara is my favourite for its uncomplicated designs and fit.

—As told to Ashwin Ahmad

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