1. Sonia, Rahul hit back after PM Modi’s charge against Congress; say people interested in jobs, not speeches

Sonia, Rahul hit back after PM Modi’s charge against Congress; say people interested in jobs, not speeches

Narendra Modi Parliament Speech: Congress President Rahul Gandhi fired back at the PM saying Modi has forgotten that he is the PM and that he should answer questions and not always accuse the opposition. Sonia Gandhi said people are interested in jobs and not speeches.

By: | New Delhi | Updated: February 7, 2018 2:28 PM
Narendra Modi Parliament Speech: Rahul Gandhi fires back calling PM's speech 'totally political' Narendra Modi Parliament Speech: Rahul Gandhi fires back calling PM’s speech ‘totally political’

Narendra Modi Parliament Speech: After Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ferocious attack on the Congress in Parliament, the party hit back at the PM and questioned his silence on the issue of jobs. Former Congress President Sonia Gandhi said that there was nothing new in what PM Modi spoke today (February 7) in the Parliament, adding that people were interested in knowing more about what the government was doing about jobs. Congress President Rahul Gandhi echoed her mother’s statements and said that people wanted jobs and not speeches from PM Modi. Rahul Gandhi also said that PM’s silence on the questions raised by the Opposition is questionable. He alleged that the PM did not answer even a single question raised by the Opposition.

“Prime Minister’s speech included attack on Congress and self-patting but didn’t answer our questions. He chose to remain silent on issues like farmer grievances, employment to youth and the Rafale deal. He didn’t utter even a single word on martyrs. Why is the PM talking about the last 70 years? PM Modi is not the head of the opposition but was behaving like one. All he did was criticising Congress.” Calling it a ‘totally political speech’, Rahul Gandhi said that it is PM Modi’s habit to evade tough questions.

Senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor has also attacked PM Modi’s speech calling it a half-truth. He said, “PM might be a terrific orator but this speech is a farrago of misrepresentations and half truth.” Shiv Sena leader Manisha Kayande also criticised PM’s speech saying, “It is the time that Modi ji realises it has been 4 years now. People were fed up because of Congress and that is why they chose you. People want to hear your schemes and not criticism of Congress.”

Earlier, Prime Minister Modi, in his Parliament speech, launched a severe attack on the Congress. He accused the Congress for the Kashmir issue, policy paralysis, dynasty politics, and misleading people. Declaring a full-fledged war on the Congress and preparing a pitch for Lok Sabha elections 2019, PM Modi said Congress only served one family and not the nation. In a scathing attack on the Congress, he said that had Sardar Patel been the first PM of the nation, Pakistan wouldn’t have been able to take a part of Kashmir.

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  1. Narendra M. Apte
    Feb 7, 2018 at 4:24 pm
    1. Would Mr. Rahul Gandhi answer people’s questions? Why did he describe GST as “Gabbar Singh Tax”? Did he forget that Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, when he was Union Finance Minister of UPA, made serious efforts to introduce GST? 2. Politicians who give promises at election time forget them later. Mr. Gandhi has forgotten promises which he made while campaigning in Gujarat when Assembly election was held there, but people have not forgotten them. 3. It is not easy to fulfil promises made when a party is not in power- this is a bitter reality. Therefore, my suggestions to Mr. Gandhi is this: Congress, assuming that it will be in power in after 2019 Lok Sabha election, should come out with a “White Paper” on all problems faced by the Indian economy today, as perceived by the Congress party. 4. It is worth mentioning that here issues like rural distress, rural creation and in ion are important issues and the Congress party’s White Paper should devote a full chapter to deal with them.
    1. Chandrashekar Ms
      Feb 7, 2018 at 2:33 pm
      pl stop commenting on the PM speech and what he said is perfectly right nobody can deny. Congress has ruined India since 55 years and encouraged quota raj and divide and rule policy for the benefit of one family. They do not have right to comment and keep quite and you will earn respect automatically.

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